Behavioral ecology

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  • Example Of Groupthink

    it drives human nature and has to be actively controlled or directed. Human nature still controls many common behaviors, for example: Competitive, Dominant, Territorial, Matting Rituals for men and women, Racist, Cooperative, Communicative, Herding and Instinctual behaviors. What are instincts? Well it’s an innate, typically fixed pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli. (Webster’s) Some may say that humans can stop the instinctual behavior before it starts. However, this is not accurate. How can you stop doing something that you are not even aware that you are doing? Neil Campbell describes it as “The term fixed action pattern (FAP), or modal action pattern, is sometimes used in ethology to denote an instinctive behavioral sequence that is relatively invariant within the species and almost inevitably runs to completion” in the 1996 Biology text book. “We find consistent evidence that genetic risk for adolescent delinquency and violence is largely context dependent: genetic risk is amplified among individuals under low-social-control (LSC) conditions, but suppressed among those under high/moderate-social-control (HMSC) conditions.” (Liu 882) First let’s talk about competition. Dominant individual obtain access to limited resources at the expense of the submissive individual. Competition over natural resources such as food, energy and water is something that will never go way no matter how hard society tries to suppress it. It’s called survival of the…

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  • Red Lionfish Essay

    The Red Lionfish, or Pterois volitans, is a subtropical fish species originating from Asia that has distinctive red, white, brown, and maroon stripes. Adult lionfish can grow up to around 17 inches long, with fan-like pectoral fins and many dorsal spines along their body, all of which are venomous (Raloff J. 2006). This peculiar fish is considered one of the most successful fish invader in the western Atlantic Ocean as it consumes a wide variety of prey. Several life history and behavioral…

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  • Limiting Factor Analysis

    TOLERANCE OF LIVING ORGANISMS TO LIMITING FACTORS Marjorie Villareal INTRODUCTION It is a recognized principle of Ecology that the interactions of organisms and environment are reciprocal. The environment not only determines the conditions under which life exists, but the organisms influence the conditions prevailing in their environment as well (Brett, 1969). When organisms encounter harsh abiotic conditions, they may have one of two responses. Evolutionary adaptations in their morphology,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On B. F. Skinner

    Many have debated over time whether or not there is more to life than what is here on earth. Some are transcendent thinkers, meaning they think there is more to the world or some kind of higher power. The other group is imminent thinkers. They, including B.F. Skinner, believe we should focus on enjoying and living this life. Our environment shapes our lives, not a higher power. There are many instances which prove B.F. Skinner’s theory to be true. It is important for us to grow up and live in a…

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  • Eco Friendly Product Essay

    company will be stressed to invent new technologies to achieve the decreasing effect of the environment by consumers. (Kleindorfer et al. 2005, O 'Brien 1999; Sarkis et al. 2011, cited in Yalabik et al. 2011). This essay will focus on four reasons for why eco-design is important for product designer: the relationship between product design and the environment, the impact of eco-friendly product on economic, the effect of sustainable product on human and the technology of eco-friendly product.…

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  • What Is Going Green Essay

    Initially hearing the word “green” what first comes to mind is the color. Other times one might think, in response to a home, automatically of a greenhouse. However, in this particular instance when you read the word “green” it is in reference to “going-green”. For my Home Planning class, taught by Professor Holmes, we are required to do a Green Research Paper. This assignment not only helps us gain research but also insight on the proper ways and elements of going green. From this assignment I…

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  • What Are The Effects Of Diversity In Biodiversity

    Five Research Articles on Biodiversity Succession in Ecology: Summaries Article 1: “Effects of nitrogen deposition on soil and vegetation in primary succession stages in inland drift sands” What kind of system was being considered? -They studied the Inland drift sands in the areas of the Netherlands. They specifically looked and studied at the Drethe, Veluwe, Utrecht, Brabant, and along Meuse. They wanted to consider how plants grow and develop during succession. The author’s hypothesis: -The…

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  • Climate Change In Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior

    In Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior, Kingsolver tackles the issues of climate change with change in migration pattern of monarch butterflies, which leads to these butterflies to land in a small town in rural Tennessee. Dellarobbia Turnbow, a 28-year-old struggling mom-of-2 living in this small town was on a hike to the top of the mountain to have an affair with a telephone repairman. Half way up the mountain she sees a miraculous display of nature in front of her, but little did she realize…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Invasive Species

    Nowadays, urban growth has become a big treat to the environment. The transportation and the construction of facilities have introduced different kinds of invasive species in Seattle. Moreover, the illegal waste dumping and lack of maintenance also help spreading the invasive species. The common invasive species in Seattle are English Ivy, Himalaya Blackberry, American Bull Frog and fox squirrel, etc. The invasive species usually compete and edge out the native species. After a period of time, a…

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  • The Importance Of Green Cleaning

    President Clinton’s executive order defines the act of green cleaning as the use of products and services that reduce the health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purposes. This is still the influence of green cleaning communities today. Regarding human well-being, green approved cleaning products have some of these succeeding features: low toxicity levels, they do not bio-accumulate, they are non-cancer causing, and they do not have chemicals…

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