Human's Effect On Invasive Species Ecosystems

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Invasive species, also called nature’s invaders, are a species that is not native to the environment it now lives in and is harmful to the ecosystem of that environment. They can be there due to a natural phenomenon, such as a flood, but more likely they were brought there by humans. Therefore, humans play a huge role in creating and controlling invasive species. An invasive species is able to cause the extinction of the native plants and animals, they multiply quickly and take a lot of the natural resources the native plants and animals need to survive. They have little to no natural predators because of the fact that they do not normally live there, therefore they are almost impossible to get rid of. They are not natural, and they strive by destroying other species and their habitats. This is an invasive species. …show more content…
Some may have helped create a new invasive species, others may have even assisted the government in limiting their population. Lionfish are one such example of a common invasive species.The lionfish are the coral reefs’ worst invasive species. While they are native to the Pacific and Indian Oceans, they now live along the southeast coast of the United States, the Caribbean, and in parts of the Gulf of Mexico. How did they get there? Marine specialists assume that people have been dumping them from aquariums into the ocean for up to 25

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