Burmese Python Research Paper

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The Burmese Python, which is an invasive species that rules the Everglades National Park, is extremely dangerous. According to Tarshis, “full grown pythons are the kings and queens of the Everglades” because they eat so much (8). These invaders cause so much pain and destruction. There were bird lovers in Hawaii, and they wanted the rats to go away from the fields. “The bird lovers ordered 73 Indian Mongooses from Jamaica. The plan that they hoped mongooses would help the rat population, failed miserably. The mongoose population grew and grew. Before you knew it, the mongooses devoured so many bird eggs, rodents, and reptiles”(8). The thing that experts fear of the future is Ecological catastrophe because these snakes can destroy an area. How can people fix the problems that invasive species bring to us? …show more content…
A guy caught real footage of a Burmese python, an invasive species, wrestling an alligator. The python ate it, but as it was digesting the alligator, the python basically broke in half because the alligator was so big.. These Burmese Pythons are a huge problem because of so many reasons. They can grow up to 20 feet long “3 times the length Lebron James' is”(7). This was the first snake able to eat a bigger living object than a raccoon. The population of this invasive species is out of control; over 100,000 Burmese Pythons rule the Everglades National Park! In addition to reptiles, other animals, fungi and plants can also be invasive species, which are species that are not native to a specific location. In Australia, the penguins were being attacked by foxes. The foxes were eating them, and they could not think of anything, but the idea was simple. All you had to do is use sheepdogs to scare the foxes away. With the Burmese Python we could get something that could scare it

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