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  • Agbemabiese On Education

    further from the truth. Education is priceless. Padmore E. Agbemabiese, author of “Are the Schools We Have in Ghana the Schools We Need in Ghana?”, was born in the Volta Region of Ghana. He is a scholar and poet, currently lecturing at The Ohio State University, in African American and African Studies. His article was originally published in the Ghanaian Times, in Accra, Ghana. The main argument that Agbemabiese presents is that the schools provided and supported by western powers in Ghana lack the cultural experience of their communities, driving children towards alienation from their own homes. Ahmed Kuyini, author of “Ghana’s education reform 2007: A realistic…

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  • Ghanaian Movement Essay

    argument, I don’t think the Ghanaian movement failed due to either of the beliefs or views that you expressed. Although Ghana has experienced political instability over the course of…

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  • Kingdom Of Benin Essay

    The Kingdom of Benin Kingdom of Benin, was an independent country located in West Africa, in the fifteenth century, it was the major power of the West Africa, which is the south west of Nigeria currently. It was first discovered by the Portuguese, when the Portuguese traders built some business relationship with the merchants of Benin, and this was the first cultural encounter between Benin and Europe, but how exactly did this cultural encounter influence on the people of Benin? And How Did it…

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  • Child Labor In America

    These companies re responsible for exposing children to dangerous minerals without the proper clothing and materials. These companies are known for the popular technology they make, but Americans are enjoying these privileges at the life of another human being; a child. Children have to go through “narrow manmade tunnels risking permanent lung damage…” (AIC) to retrieve cobalt for technological devices. On another note, chocolate may often remind many Americans of sweet memories and fun times,…

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  • Operation One Cow Leg Case Study

    Background In Ghana—like it neighbors—mechanisms such as ethnic tensions, religious, political, and social problems persist. Despite these challenges, Ghana’s post-independence era evolved peacefully without a civil war or large scale conflict. In the past three decades, Ghana develops the enhanced capability to manage conflicting and competing social interests, allowing the country to pursue a peaceful economic development trajectory and a deliberative political discourse. In spite of Ghana’s…

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  • Climate Change And Violent Conflict In Africa Essay

    examining the impact of climate change on pastoral and farmer conflicts in Ghana. Even a recent study conducted in March 2015 identified that climate change might be having an impact on these disputes, but it rather chose to frame the nomad and farmer conflicts in terms of social and political factors, as well as government policy responses to them (Olaniyan, Francis and Okeke-Uzodike 2015). Additionally, Opoku’s research “found out that, the conflicts between farmers and Fulani pastoralist in…

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  • The Role Of Colonialism In Africa

    Many of the nations in Africa struggle for decades in order to achieve independents. It took until after World War II for decolonization to occur in Africa. In Africa, already a country that had their independents was Ethiopia that was able to avoid being successfully colonized by the Europeans. African nationalists endured many obstacles when it came to trying to gain their independence such as trying to become unity as one, Violence in Kenya, Sharpsville Massacre in South Africa, and the Congo…

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  • Ghana Empire Essay

    The empire on Ghana existed from c. 750-1076. The Ghana empire was located in what is now Southeastern Mauritania, Western Mali, and Eastern Senegal which is on the Northwest coast of Africa. The Ghana empire was one of the first empires on the Northwest coast of Africa to rise in that area. Ghana began in the eighth century when there was a little change in the economy. There was an spectacular shift in the economy of the Sahel area. The south area of the Sahara allowed more condense states to…

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  • The Vulture Poem Analysis

    Maya Angelou, a renowned American poet once said ‘We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated’. Being a poet of African descent, she was able to manifest this in her poems by making a connection to Africa and its history. Similarly, David Diop, a contemporary of Angelou was of African descent but he was born and raised in France. Even so, he spent a significant amount of time in West Africa which helped him connect with his mother nation. His works were mainly on political…

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  • Analysis Of Sharon Draper's Williams, Copper Sun

    Williams, Copper Sun Copper Sun by Sharon Draper is an emotional story. The story is about Amari, a teenage African girl who is kidnapped by slave traders. Amari was put into slavery and forced to work on a rice plantation, but she fought her way out. She was taken from her village and sold to the highest bidder. The only thing Amari hopes for is survival. Amari experiences many different emotions during her journey. The two most powerful emotions are fear and sadness. One day,…

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