Ghanaian Movement Essay

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I am writing to you all in regards to our last discussion and your diverse political views concerning the Ghanaian movement. I must say honestly that the arguments confound me and it seems that you are lacking in knowledge of both the history and philosophy of Ghanaian movement. I understand the fact that you all are entitled to your different political views, however, your argument left me in a state of astonishment.
I want to use this letter to briefly guide you through the Ghanaian movement since its beginnings as I’m nearing retirement. With regards to your argument, I don’t think the Ghanaian movement failed due to either of the beliefs or views that you expressed. Although Ghana has experienced political instability over the course of
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Nkrumah, however, decided to turn things in a different way which eventually led to a great struggle within Ghana. Nkrumah concentrated not only on the building of Ghana, but he was focused on Africa as a whole. Nkrumah’s idea of creating a union of African States of the sort didn’t find support among the majority of African countries. He was fighting for the liberation of Africa to create the United States of Africa, instead of focusing on the economy and affairs of the nation. He played a key role in the formation of African Unity. Nkrumah used Ghana and its resources to help other African nations to achieve their independence, paying less attention to the Ghanaian economy. The different ethnic groups were not left aside in the nation’s political structure. Though Nkrumah did not turn out to be the leader of the country that everyone thought he was he was, we still cannot forget the impact that he had on African politics and his contribution to the emancipation of black people on their quest for human dignity and a place in …show more content…
Ghana is a nation that respects ethnicity deeply and regards all the ethnic groups and simply creates a sense of belonging among the diverse ethnic groups. Ghana has never overlooked the affairs of the different regions occupied by the different ethnic groups. Even though there have been several conflicts between the various ethnic groups in our dear country, the national government still comprises of diverse ethnicities irrespective of race and class. I speak as a humble Ashanti woman who was a member of the national government is an example of ethnic group involvement in the political sector. The ewe people were also part of the national government which implies that Ghana experiment never failed neither because it was too small to compete internationally nor too large not to give sufficient political and economic self-determination to smaller ethnic groups. Ethnic division has been a problem to the Ghanaian society even after independence. It is with unity among the various ethnic groups that the Ghanaian movement will be a

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