The Ghana Empire

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The Ghana Empire
The Ghana Empire was one of the three major West African empires, and first started when Berbers, group of nomadic people came to an area called Kumbi, or Kumbi Saleh, which is near the modern day southeastern Mauritania and Mali, close to the Sahara desert. Ancient Ghana was not in the same location as the present day Ghana. Instead, it was located about 400 miles northwest of the present day Ghana. Eventually, Soninke clans began to control the kingdom. The name ‘Ghana’ comes from title given to the king of the Empire, and the Empire’s actual name was Wagadugu. Their land was near two rivers, Senegal and Niger, and their surrounding area was either surrounded by a Savannah, rain forests, or a Sahel, which is a piece
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By the 800s A.D. Ghana became an empire and became extremely rich due to the taxing through the salt-gold trading. As a result, their dogs had gold collars. However, though the Ghana Empire became prospered and had numerous amounts of gold, the king was the only one who was able to have gold nuggets, and the commoners were only allowed gold dust. This made sure that the gold prices will not fall down, and make Ghana prosper and rich even more. Domestication of camels helped trade, and surplus goods were sent north by camels, expanding the kingdom even more. Their knowledge on iron made it possible for the Ghana Empire to create a strong army with superior weapons, allowing them to conquer more land. It also led to more efficient farming which made surplus food. These surplus foods helped the Kingdom to grow in population, leading to increase in the number of towns and villages. As Ghana expanded its kingdom and became an empire, the king required the people living in nearby territories to pay tribute, or taxes. Army, which was well paid and well respected kept borders secure and maintained peace, also provided the traders protection against …show more content…
The other kingdoms around the Ghana Empire had already feared Ghana’s military power and were also jealous of their wealth, but in 1062 A.D., Berbers who called themselves Almoravids invaded for religious purposes of trying to convert the leaders to Islam, and to also gain control over the trade. After several years of fighting, the final emperor of Ghana, Tunka Manin lost to the Almoravids, and the Ghana Empire lost; moreover, Kumbi Saleh, the capital was destroyed during the attacks. After the attacks, the fighting disrupted the trade, and Ghana was unable to regain its power. In addition to that, a drought came and made it hard for farmers to grow crops and harder to live; in the end, and most of the population had to move to find a better environment to farm and live. In A.D 1235 the neighboring Malinke people overthrew the Ghana Empire area and established the empire of Mali, the second of the three major West African

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