Empire Of Ghana Dbq Essay

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Throughout history, the need and desire for certain products has led to long lasting effects on people, societies, and regions. Some of these products include gold. Gold was a very important product in the African Trading Kingdoms. The African Trading Kingdoms took part in the gold-salt trade to increase their wealth and advance their society.
People’s need and desired of gold showed how wealthy the people are in a society or a region. According to Document 1, it states, “which stand ten horses with gold embroidered trapping…stand ten pages holding shields and swords decorated with gold…all wearing splendid garments and with their hair mixed with gold…at the door of the pavilion are dogs…[wearing] collars of gold.” This shows how much gold
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According to Document 2 it states, “The Arab traders of this region wanted gold as much as Wangara wanted salt, but both had to pass through Ghana to trade…It possessed many of the characteristics of powerful nations today wealth based on trade…income derived from taxes.” This shows that Ghana was between two regions that wanted to trade gold and salt, but had to pass Ghana. Therefore, the Ghana empire grew wealthy by taxing the two regions that were trading which each other. A percentage of salt and gold going through the region was taken as tax. Although the empire was not involved in the gold production. In present time the flag of Ghana has the colors of red, gold, and green. The gold in the flag stands for Ghana’s industrial mineral wealth. According to Document 3 it states, “African gold was indeed so famous worldwide that a Spanish map of 1375 represents the king of Mali holding a gold nugget. When Mossi raids destroyed the Mali empire, the rising Songhai empire relied on the same resources.” This shows that the influence of gold in Africa have impacted a region beyond Africa. Upcoming empires have also relied on the same resource that had made many empires very powerful and wealthy, that resource is gold. In 1312-1337 when Mansa Musa made his famous hajj to Mecca with many slaves, each holding a bar of gold. The hajj that Mansa Musa made devalued gold in Egypt for a gold

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