West Africa

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  • West Africa Research Paper

    In West Africa, the “human experiment” lasted for hundreds of years. West Africans developed agriculture independently. This led to large, complex states. Eventually, more connections between the world zones hurt West African civilizations. The start of West African states West Africa developed agriculture on its own, like the Fertile Crescent did earlier. Starting around 3000 BCE, West Africans began to grow more food. This food was extra energy that supported more people than did hunting and gathering. The rest of sub-Saharan Africa did not begin farming until 1000 BCE or later. West Africa began to farm around the same time as the Americas did. It also began to develop agrarian, or farming, civilizations around the same time. There is…

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  • The Ebola Virus In West Africa

    SARS, and Ebola. One of the most latest global diseases outbreak is Ebola in West Africa. Ebola is a rare disease that caused by the Ebola virus which attack the cell body. It is a negative stranded RNA virus which derived from the Filoviridae family (3). Ebola virus can be transmitted directly through blood or other body fluids such as vomit, urine, semen, and breast milk, of infected person or indirectly by the objects that has been contaminated by body secretion. However, it cannot be spread…

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  • Causes Of Slavery In West Africa

    taken advantage of throughout Africa And the Middle East. Most of them usually have no way to stand up for themselves. This is why they become victims. Women are often violated under the Taliban in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. Throughout Western Africa child labor and slavery occurs. These young men need the same help and attention that these women of the Middle East need. There are ways that society can draw an end to these violations of these people. Throughout western Africa one of the…

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  • Poverty In West Africa

    West Africa is a poor, helpless region who is living in poverty. West Africa has poor education for those who can afford schooling. Slavery still continues today, as hundreds of people used as hard labor. The topography is beautiful, covering 85% of West Africa with deserts, semi-deserts, steppe, grasslands, forests, and rain forests. The government is a federal republic, and the states in the region is far away from each other and the religion revolves around the everyday lifestyle. Culture is…

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  • Slavery In West Africa

    The issue of slavery in Africa started with the Portuguese expedition of West Africa in the fifteenth century. Prince Henry sponsored the Portuguese as their governor and was later named Prince Henry the Navigator after his establishment of a school for navigators at Sagres, Portugal in 1419. The purpose of this school was to train explorers in navigation, map-making, and science so they could be prepared to travel along the west coast of Africa. The Portuguese, who eventually became the one…

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  • Africa, Mali, Spanish, And Aztec Empires In West Africa

    Many empires have risen over history. The Empire of Mali, which was founded by Sundiata Keita, was located in West Africa. A prominent country with its location becoming an important trade location by Muslims. The Aztec Empire was founded by Mexica people who later became known as Aztecs. The Aztec Empire was enormous as they ruled most of Mesoamerica and was one of the largest cities of its time. The Spanish Empire is one of the biggest empires to exist. A very politically, economically, and…

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  • Syncretism In West Africa Essay

    fact that Africa was rich in resources posed influence in itself. Considering that a great number of the visiting traders were Muslims and they begin to intermarry and form relationships with the West African people – economic and political alliances were formed and the adaptation of Islam was widespread. This migration of humans in and out of Africa illustrates the African Diaspora at work before the…

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  • Mansa Mali: The Legend Of The Mali Empire In West Africa

    Mansa Musa, the man with the famous legend of his haji to Mecca. He had lived from 1280 to 1337, and was the fourteenth century Mali Empire emperor. In 1312 Musa became emperor following the death of the previous ruler of Mali, Abu-Bakr II. Mali was an empire in West Africa that lasted from 1230 to 1600 and under Mansa Musa’s rule it became the largest and richest area of Africa. As Ruler of Mali he had captured the kingdom of Songhai and made its most major city, Timbuktu, a very vital and…

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  • Trade Influence In West Africa

    centuries of trade with Northern Africa, this being the spread of Islam. Muslim influence began during the time of Ghana through trade and commerce. Arabs from the north would trade things such as salt, horses and camels for gold and timber. It wasn’t until Mali was formed that Islam was allowed to integrate into West African society. Islam gave a sense of unity to the entire region, making all of West Africa more peaceful. The peace brought about by this new sense of unity enabled Mali to…

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  • Why Did Europeans Come To West Africa

    Slavery was not originally decided on skin color, nor was it coined by British settlers. No country was originally looking to enslave savage foreigners. In fact, a form of slavery similar to Serfdom already existed in Europe by the time Africa was discovered. It was much different compared to the idea of slavery we hold today. This type of slavery offered freedom in exchange for services instead of being bound to a lifelong ownership. Marriage, land owning, and the ability to have slaves of…

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