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  • Small And Medium Enterprises Case Study

    prospect and challenges of SMEs in Nigeria and abroad as Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have long been believed to be important in supporting economics development within a country (see Akhtar & CDASED, 1999; Mazzarol, Volery, Doss, and Thein, 1999; Al-Shaikh, 1998) while others such as Chukwuemeka (2006), Agwu and Emeti, (2004), Arinaitwe (2006), Lundström (2005), Oboh (2002), Okpara (2000), Wale-Awe (2000), Ihyembe (2000), Bruch and Hiemenz (1984), Binks and Ennew (1996), Baumback (1983); and a host of others have observed various factors or challenges that impedes the performance of SMEs ranging from inadequate finance, poor infrastructural facilities, inadequate managerial skill, weak and instability of government policies and other presumed factors and challenges causing premature death of SMEs as Beckman (1983) classified the problems as internal and…

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  • Mineral And Mining Case Study

    Addressing the negative externalities of mining: policy recommendations. In the words of Joseph Stiglitz, “corporations are in the business of making money, not providing charity.” Since corporations are in business to maximize profit, they hold themselves accountable to their stockholders rather than to the stakeholders where such businesses are located. The desire to minimize cost while maximizing profit weakens the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility. The Corporate Social…

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  • Sitting On A Man By Judith Van Allen: An Analysis

    Before colonialization, Africa women were occupying good positions as the chiefs, they had rights to so many things such as properties, politics… in their society. Labor were divided equally between men and women in the pre-colonial era. Gender inequality started after colonization, it is an issue that keeps existing in different countries including Nigeria. It is manifesting in different aspect and in different parts of Nigeria. Women are seen as lesser beings and are discriminated in every…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being Proud Of Nigeria

    If you ask someone where they’re from most likely they’re going to be proud of it and possibly even talk up their country like it’s no one’s business. Nigerians have a lot to be proud of being the second biggest super power country in Africa other than their sister country South Africa. Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, and their land is blessed with an abundant amount of natural resources. Natural recourses like petroleum tin ore, and many other minerals. Nigeria is also Africa’s…

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  • The Ethnic Cleavage Of The Muslim And Christian Divide In Nigeria Case Study

    Christian Divide in Nigeria In Nigeria, the cleavage of ethnic identity has been primarily based on the religious affiliations of various groups in the north and south of the country. The religious background of various ethnic identities in Nigeria have been historically structured by the Christian and Muslim religions. In the case of the north, the Hausa and Fulani peoples are a primarily cattle farming society that remains committed to ancient nomadic patterns that are based on cattle…

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  • Achebe Influence On Things Fall Apart

    literary canon. Things fall apart expressed his rejection for the pessimistic point of view he had already accepted before the independence of Nigeria. In his book, he demonstrated comeliness and the unequaled characteristics of African culture. The colonization of Africa really made the locals adopt the western culture, neglecting their own. He urged Africans to embrace and value their culture as the whites were. “Things fall apart has been translated into more than fifty languages in several…

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  • The Igbo Culture

    to rise above all other ethnic groups and thrive in early Nigeria. Such achievement was frowned upon by other ethnic groups and invoked hostility between them. The Biafran War, (a result of this hostility) ultimately led to Nigeria’s decline, forever changing its legacy. How does Achebe’s perspective influence his view of Nigeria? Chinua Achebe grew up as an Igbo who supported the Biafrans in the Biafran civil war. While the Nigerian Government and the OAU (Organization of African Unity)…

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  • Igbo Culture In Nigeria

    the two most popular tribes in Nigeria. They are the two most known ethnic groups other than Hausa and Fulani cultures. The Igbo and Yoruba cultures are closely related and will make one culturally aware of Nigeria’s way of life through their background, history, music, religious beliefs, political structures, and traditional marriage. The Igbo and Yoruba are two of the most diverse cultures in Nigeria. The evolution of Nigeria 1849 until it attained independence in 1960 is largely the story…

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  • Analysis Of Half Of A Yellow Sun By Chimamanda Adichie

    have a sense of their history.” [ Nigel – do I a) have to reference this quote (I did refrence it at the end) and b) indent it? ] Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie is a compelling novel about life during the Biafran War. Set in Nigeria, it concerns itself with several characters and how they experience love, turmoil and hardship that appears throughout the duration of the war. Also included in the novel is the importance of language during such a fragile time. This can mostly be seen…

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  • The Igbo-Hausa Case Study

    Returning back to the Igbo-Hausa case in Nigeria, the effects of the British colonial rule in the escalation of ethnic conflict is crystal-clear if the perspective of Horowitz is applied to the case. The British colonial rule had established there an artificial political entity composing of distinct ethnic groups, in 1914, by juxtaposing them into a new country that they have named Nigeria. There were three major ethnic groups which were settled in different parts of the new country. As Horowitz…

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