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  • KYAP Model Of Self-Advocacy

    The authors of the article focused on students who had more severe intellectual and developmental disabilities and how they can develop their self-advocacy skills. The authors outlined the different steps they took to help these students communicate their needs along with help from teachers and other school staff. Much of the other research on self-advocacy and self-determination focused on students with less severe disabilities. These marginalized students often do not get their voices heard so the researchers hoped that their model would help change that, even the non-verbal students. The authors pointed out how being able to communicate is a big factor in being able to self-advocate. So it was important to have a speech and language pathologist…

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  • Advocacy And Advocacy In Education

    Gibbs (2004) defines Advocacy as “the act of speaking, writing or acting in support of something and someone.” However, “activism refers to direct action like protesting, or activities with tangible results, such as fundraising or researching solutions (EDU40004, 2016). As the early childhood professional play an important role in children’s lives, they can be the advocates for the rights of children. The main aim of advocacy and activism is to support equity, inclusivity, the rights, interests…

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  • Discuss Three Reasons Why Lobbying Profession?

    strategic and comprehensive analysis of the environment in which you will be operating in, creating a comprehensive strategy and action plan and building an organizational structure. Creating a strategic analysis of the environment involves examining your campaign goals in light of the specific policy you are pursuing, the process you must engage in to accomplish your goal and the players and politics involved. Using this information, you can create an action plan. Part of creating a plan is…

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  • Case Advocacy: Case Advocacy

    1. What type of advocacy is most interesting to you? The advocacy that is interesting to me is case advocacy. Case advocacy is important to assist to the needs of the clients in every aspect. From my opinion, case advocacy is like working for your client making sure that he/she is aware of what resources that can obtain. We will have to be their voice, by speaking for them on the services that is needed for them. When advocating for clients, it shows that needs and rights are important, and the…

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  • Melissa Mckay Power Of Negative Lobbying Analysis

    Amy Melissa McKay’s article, “The Power of Negative Lobbying,” discusses the inherent advantages negative lobbyists have in striking down new movements compared to proponents of promoting new legislation. This distinction emanates despite the typically large funding gap between the two groups. McKay calculates a ratio of about four lobbyists proposing new legislation being needed to counteract just one negative lobbyist. Some political scientists have asserted that the amount of conflict rising…

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  • Saving Capitalism Analysis

    Conservatives, unlike Democrats claim that Reich’s book, Saving Capitalism, should not be taken seriously because it is inaccurate, goes against the free market and is based on socialism. In the United States, the candidate, Bernie Sanders addresses capitalism and the free market with strong comments that are a parallel to Robert Reich. With tax rates for the rich at an all time low in history, massive tax breaks and tax loopholes for corporations, the middle class has been ousted from their own…

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  • Net Neutrality Of The Internet

    The Internet is getting bigger and bigger every minute. You can practically do anything on there, from buying cars or houses to watching cat videos on YouTube. You can watch movies, TV shows, or you can meet the love of your life on dating websites. I will explain, everyone takes Internet for granted, thinking that Internet is untouchable. Well it isn’t, Net neutrality is the idea that your cellular or cable Internet provider should treat all websites and services the same. Big companies like…

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  • Advocacy Groups

    Advocacy groups use various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion and/or policy; they have played and continue to play an important part in the development of political and social systems. Groups vary considerably in size, influence, and motive; some have wide ranging long term social purposes, others are focused and are a response to an immediate issue or concern. Motives for action may be based on a shared political, religious, moral, or commercial position. Groups use varied methods…

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  • The Celebrity Controversy

    Suffering is an ever-present concern across the globe and it spurs the need for charities and advocacy groups to help bring it to an end. Often times, celebrities become the voices of these charities and advocacy groups because of their popularity and impact on the public. This, however, strikes a controversy regarding the ethicality of having celebrities as public figures for humanitarian causes. It is debatable that celebrities’ vast influence on the public can negatively impact the cause.…

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  • Child Advocacy

    Once again, another great post. I think I keep replying to your posts. Child Advocacy is extremely important because victimized children could be affected emotionally, behaviorally or physically. Children’s could display a number of signs such as sadness, anger, violence, self-loathing, sleeping issues, dispassion or the child could even face injuries. The sad part is they become knowledgeable about sexual behavior at a young age. Sexual abuse can definitely affect children as they grow into an…

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