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  • The Relationship Between Nation Building And Empire Building

    policy emblematic of the imperial role of the US in development aid. Bibliography Brazys, Samuel. "Race to Give? The Selective Effectiveness of United States Trade Capacity Building Assistance." Review of International Political Economy 17, no. 3 (2010): 537-61. This paper looks at the effectiveness of trade capacity building aid from the United States as a way to examining the effectiveness of foreign aid in general. To test the effectiveness of this aid, the author looks at how a countries exports have changed as a result of the US engaging in trade capacity building aid. There can be three possible relationships between exports and trade capacity building aid, exports from the country increase to many trading partners, exports increase to the US, or exports do not increase. The evidence shows strong support that exports increase to the US, and while there is only weak evidence that there is an increase in exports to the rest of the world. Is paper provides an example of a policy that the US has undertaken ostensibly to improve the economic development of the recipient country, but that has instead led to unequal development where the US has been the main benefactor. Heumann, Stefan. "State, Nation, and Empire: The Formation of the US." Journal of Political Power 4, no. 3 (2011): 375-93. This paper examines the historical development of the US, using the conceptual ideas of state, nation and empire, in order to gain further understanding in the way that these concepts have…

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  • Migration Stereotypes

    The contributions featured in later sections will directly respond to questions of urgency that frequently surface in today’s political climate. My goal is advancing the field of education, research, policy and practice that promote excellence and parity, and the stories and research accumulated in this article aims to build a collective understanding that will hopefully precede better policy measures, action, and evaluation. Every immigrant deserves an accurate and fair chance to start new…

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  • Primordialist View Of Civil War

    saying that says “Two Jews, Three opinions”. The same can be said about political scientists. When it comes to complex topics such as the causes of civil wars, many in the field of political science have differing opinions on how they start and how to classify them. Many of the written material read for class, such as Jesse and Williams’ “Ethnic Conflict”, stride more towards a constructivist side of civil war, reinforce more of a primordialist view on Civil Wars. Some political scientists look…

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  • The Clash Of Civilization Huntington Summary

    Main Thesis: Huntington wrote The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order in 1993 for the publication Foreign Affairs magazine. In this article, he is trying to point out that the world politics was moving towards a new page where there will be future conflict would occur between civilizations based on cultural differences. According to Huntington, these cultural fault lines were divided up between eight civilizations: ?Western, Confucian, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu,…

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  • Coca-Cola Culture: The Political Economy Of Communication

    research has been developed worldwide. Through the strategy of special guests, they included lectures on the political economy of communication (Professors Robert McChesney and Amanda Ciafone, for example) and on international communication research (Professor Angharad Valdivia) that situated media…

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  • Development And Underdevelopment Theory

    sociocultural anthropology: development and underdevelopment theory, as well as, the world-systems theory; which, in combination with the key tenets of Marxism laid the foundation of a new critical perspective called anthropological political economy. A precursor to the modern form of “political economy”, referred to now as “classical” political economics, has been dated to the eighteenth century, this later divided into the academics disciplines: political science and economics. Originally…

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  • Economic Interest And Interest Groups

    first half of the 20th century. In this system, society is seen as a corporate—that is, united and hierarchical—body in which the government dominates and all sectors of society (e.g., business, the military, and labour) are required to work for the public interest as defined by the government. Lobbying Strategies and Tactics Lobbying involves working to bring pressure to bear on policy makers to gain favourable policy outcomes. In order to accomplish their goals, interest groups develop…

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  • Inclusion Of Religion In Public Policy Analysis

    One of the most contentious debates of modern times is whether religious beliefs should be included as a basis of evaluating and implementing public policy. While modernization and secularization are seen as signs of progress and development, adherence to religion or involving religious beliefs is seen as backward, primitive, outdated and irrelevant to the workings of the political system by many. This is based on the idea of linear development and that total secularism and abandonment of…

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  • Chinese Currency Reform Essay

    the mid-19th century, local and provincial governments enjoyed a significant degree of financial independence which included coining money and collecting taxes for local use. Regionalism, an ideology that suggested that local governments should have more authority, was strong in the 1920s. Hence, one of the KMT’s economic reforms was to revoke economic power from local governments. In 1935, when the KMT decided to use legal tender as the national currency and to abolish local currencies, it did…

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  • Panama Canal Analysis

    specialize across the Public Administration and Urban Planning programs. Having a deep understanding of urban policy along with community and economic development would best prepare me for my ultimate goal of becoming a policy advisor to campaigns, legislators,in office, or thinktanks. Additionally, while working at Americans for Prosperity, I have used some of Dr. Janet Kelly’s work to gain some understanding of performance based budgeting. Upon realizing Dr. Kelly is the program director for…

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