The Five Ideas Of My Political Ideology Of Liberalism

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Political Ideology of Liberalism For centuries, different political ideologies have dominated the world in various regions with their own set of beliefs and values. Successes and failures were the deterring factors for an ideology to thrive or perish. Although numerous amount of political ideologies are being practiced in our contemporary society, however, there are only five fundamental roots of ideologies that laid the foundations: Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Anarchism. The five ideologies are responsible for shaping political systems and facilitating the state as a whole. In this paper, I will be discussing a specific political ideology that I value and believe.

Liberalism is one of the ideologies that I hold and
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One of the agencies that had influenced my political socialization was my family. For instance, my initial ideology of Liberalism was shaped by my family. My parents often shared their political ideologies of Liberalism from my early childhood, they have orchestrated my political views towards the direction that supported independence and freedom through constant discussions and teachings. Moreover, my parents are democrat who supported politicians who endorsed personal freedom such as civil liberties and freedom to practice religion. Examples such as the current president of South Korea serves to highlight their political stance. Another agency that had an impact on my political socialization was my access to mass media. A large portion of my liberal beliefs and values were extracted from information upon articles, news, videos, and the internet. For example, my policy beliefs towards legalizing same-sex marriage is largely influenced due to my access to the media. The Universal Declaration of Human Right’s, for instance, provided a striking feature of knowledge that advocates for the entitlement of “equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.”. The article advocates and illustrates equal rights and clearly indicates that no form of government or any people should regulate the decisions and should respect others decisions. Additionally, legalization of same-sex is like the civil rights issue of racial equality, that homosexuals deserve the same right to marry one another just like the heterosexuals, and also deserves the same benefits and the privileges that come along with it. Furthermore, my beliefs towards pro-choice is also influenced by the values and ideology of Liberalism. I believe that a fetus should not be considered as a human life, and it should not have a separate

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