The Global Political Economy (GPE)

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History not only creates a premise for Global Political Economy (GPE), but also is used as an integral tool for the analysis of GPE. Historical perspectives in GPE not only have developed it 's basis, but have also created a technique in which to critically analyze the international system, the relations in between states and the history itself of Global Political Economy. Without a historical perspective, no scholar would be able to explain the origins of globalization, international organizations, or the current state of the economy. The historical study of GPE develops a framework in which we can examine the political economy and analyze it. Though there are several theories in which academics research GPE, including neoliberalism and even Marxist theories, it is argued that these perspectives do not have a sufficient historical foundation. Robert Cox is a well known scholar who contributed to the study of international political economy with the development of the historical structure concept. He rejected other critical theories of GPE, stating that they had a narrow outlook and did …show more content…
Cohen 's book, International Political Economy: An Intellectual History, he references George Santayana 's infamous quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This can be seen as a truism in the study of GPE. The historical perspective provides the realm in which scholars can study and debate the history of the international political economy to be able to provide insight in what the current and future actions should be. The variety of models and theories that contradict one another in this perspective are necessary to provide numerous accounts of the history, like Cox argued history and theory are open-ended. New perspectives and analysis produce new concepts for policy in the global field. This can be seen in a great deal of academic research in GPE, including a comparative study done of British and American Hegemony by David

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