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  • Sky's Polarization Essay

    At this point, it is important to note that, this particular orientation of rhodopsin in the microvillar membrane which gives selective sensitivity to polarized light by itself is not sufficient to analyse the sky 's polarization. An interesting analogy to spectral vision may be stated at this point to make this concept clearer, just like how it would be impossible to detect various colours if only one colour pigment was present, it is equally impossible to analyse the sky 's polarization if the eyes are sensitive to only one particular type of polarization. Therefore, it is clear that different types of receptor which are sensitive to different types of polarization must coordinate and work to give an unambiguous direction of polarization. Some suggested examples of receptors are, one which differentiates the intensity of incident light, another receptor which detects shade (hue) of colour i.e., sensitive to the wavelength of light apart from the previously discussed polarization sensitive receptor. However, it must…

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  • Fiber Optic Sensor Essay

    There has been a vast development in the fiber optic sensor technology since the first sensor was patient 40 years back in USA during mid 1960’s named as Fotonic sensor. This can be traced back to papers presented by Simon and Splitz , Hockham and Kao who supported and appreciated the concept of transmission of optical signal over silica fiber with loss noted potentially below compared to that of coaxial copper cables. Furthermore during any conceivable frequency modulation the losses in optical…

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  • Light Synthesis Principles

    Light synthesis principles The basic idea of light waveform synthesis can be described as follows: First, the spectrum of a light waveform is decomposed into its constituent spectral components by a disperser, then, adequate modulators acting on each of this spectral components individually modifies the relative phase (or delay), the amplitude and polarization of these components before they are coherently superimposed again by a combiner to create a desired tailored waveform (Figure 2a)41.…

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  • Polarization In Congress

    In recent years, Congress has become increasingly polarized in terms of partisanship. The definition of partisan polarization is the separation of the two major parties as they move towards more severe issue positions. In other words, the members of Congress – both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate – tend to be either extremely liberal (corresponding to the Democratic party), or extremely conservative (corresponding to the Republican party). There are currently few members of the…

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  • Polarization In The Media

    First of all, the public is polarized politically based on economic inequality. The economic growth of the U.S. economy has improved the financial position of those of higher incomes, while lower income citizens stayed the same. This unequal distribution of growth is recognized as income inequality. Those at the top could utilize resources to prevent the redistribution of America's wealth, while those at the bottom would do the opposite. Polarization amongst the politicians are related to the…

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  • Polarization Of Politics

    Proposed Solution to the Polarization of American Politics The political division of the people of the United States has never felt stronger than it does now. After the result of the 2016 election, it feels as though half of our country feels completely betrayed while the other half is overcome with joy. This is not how the country should be. The polarization between the two main parties, Republican and Democrat, has reached a point that is becoming concerning for the near future. According to…

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  • Polarization And Abortion

    Scholars debate whether political polarization has grown among the mass public in the United States. One school of thought does not believe that the public has become more polarized (DiMaggio et. al 1998; Evans 2003; Klinkner 2006; Fiorina et. Al 2008). According to this thought, current measures of polarization conflate citizens’ votes with ideologies. Votes do not directly measure citizens’ ideologies, as citizens take into account candidates’ ideologies as well as their own when voting. On…

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  • Polarization In Antenna

    Polarization in Antenna Polarization is the basic thing used in transmission antennas for the propagation and reception of the signals. As we know that antenna emits electromagnetic waves in the space for the communication purposes. These two types of waves as depicted by the name Electro-Magnetic is a combination of electrical and magnetics fields. These two waves are mutually orthogonal i.e. oriented at an angle of 90o with each other. The general wave form is given as Fig: Electromagnetic…

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  • Theory Of Polarization

    Polarization is caused by the attitudes and dispositions of certain groups of citizens. One theory offered for the reason of polarization is the decline of moderates in the U.S. Congress. In Danielle Thomsen’s article, she notes that party leaders are becoming increasingly more polarized than the average party member. Party leaders are responsible for “allocating committee assignments, setting the legislative agenda, and structuring debate on the floor” all of which are very important for…

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  • Partisanship Polarization

    Divide and Conquer: Partisanship Government Partisanship polarization is not a new concept to American politics. The Founding Fathers were divided on the philosophies of federal government between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. American politics saw a decline of partisan politics during the 1950s and 1960s, however there was a resurgence in the late 1970s that has yet to cease (Brewer, 2005, p. 219). While the political elite have been divided along partisan lines, the results of their…

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