Fiber Optic Sensor Essay

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Mr. Prasanna M.Thawale
School of Computer science and Engineering, California State University Northridge, Northridge-91324.

Independent Study On Fiber Optic Sensors
 Overview:
Term: Fall-2014
Guide: Prof. Nagwa Bekir
Topic: Fiber Optic Sensors

 Introduction:
Fiber optic sensor since their emergence have been a sector of keen interest for researchers because of their specific and exclusive characteristics thus resulting into the fastest growing field in the past years. There has been a vast development in the fiber optic sensor technology since the first sensor was patient 40 years back in USA during mid 1960’s named as Fotonic sensor. This can be traced back to papers presented
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detection of pollutants in soil, water, air with biological sensors which has attracted interest as these facts are directly related to human health. Plus these sensors averted the need of setting up a lab and gathering samples for investigation which is expensive, time consuming and invasive. High sensitivity, minimum weight and large bandwidth makes fiber optic sensors the optimum photonic devise in radiative environment like nuclear power plants, where there is a need of evaluation and detection of radiation level and temperature change.
The fiber optic sensor are application specific and are based on chemical and physical phenomenon which are then combined with electronic signals through more custom designed protocol. Thus varied uses of these sensors leads to the fragmentation of the market where these sensors find their application in Parameter measurements such as temperature, pressure, strain, vibration, acceleration, pH level determination, refractive index of liquid etc.
Fiber optic sensors because of their distinctive features also facilitate industries such as aerospace, medical, oil pipelining, transportation etc.
Presently there has been some success in the sensor technology which are been commercialized but some fields still struggle for their practical

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