Spectrophotometer Lab Report

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Discussion/Scientific Explanation: In order to successfully analyze colas, one must become familiar with a Spectrophotometer 20. In order to do this, one must figure out determine the relationship between the wavelength of light absorbed and the color of a compound. Next, one must determine a way to relate the amount of light absorbed with the concentration of the solution. After gaining knowledge about these two parts of the lab, one will be able to determine how a Spectrophotometer 20 can be helpful in determining the concentration of phosphate in colas.3 A spectrophotometer is used to obtain measurements of the amount of light that passes through a object and to measure the amount of light absorbed by a certain material. In order to do this, …show more content…
Each material was diluted with water and placed in a separate cuvette so that the spectrophotometer could accurately reveal the absorbance. The cuvette that was filled with water was used as a blank to zero out the spectrophotometer. Each cuvette was then inserted into the spectrophotometer to find the absorbance. The main goal of this week was to figure out the relationship between the wavelength of light absorbed and the color of a compound. Found on page 87 of lab manual, the absorption wavelength is related to the energy of the light that is absorbed by a molecule. The color of the light reveals information about the kind of molecule that does the absorbing. The amount of absorption is dependent on the type of molecule.3 Each of the cuvettes filled with the prepared solution was measured in wavelengths that ranged from 350 nanometers to 650 nanometers in 50 nanometer percentage increases. As seen in Figure 1, there are no trends in the absorbance rates of each solution used; however, the graph shows that the different wavelengths do have an effect on absorbance. As seen in Figure 2, the calibration curve of potassium permanganate reveals that as the concentration of KMnO4 increases, the absorbance also increases as the transmittance

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