Police psychology

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  • Police Brutality Psychology

    The police are employed by the government to uphold law and order and protect citizens (Funk & Wagnalls), in the United States some may say that police are not doing their job. The country is beginning to have a very large crisis on their hands, this crisis is police brutality. Police brutality is the use of excessive force on a civilian by an officer of the law, such as hitting a civilian when that level of force is not needed (the law dictionary). Police brutality has been happening since the beginning of the police force, police misconduct has become normal due to the development of an organizational culture created within the police organization that passively permits wrong doing by police(Rushin). Due to this oolice brutality has many…

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  • What Are The Duties Of A Police Officer

    A police officer’s job is to protect and serve, control the public order, and help prevent and detect a crime. The duties of police officers, also known as cops, have changed over time yet have always been to protect and serve the community. The cops in today’s society have a mission which is to enforce the rules of conduct and the law. Of course, this mission can also be very dangerous for the officer and their families. These thoughts are all a part of the stress and complications that come…

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  • Ordinary Men Reserve Police Battalion 101 Summary

    The 1992 book Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland, written by Christopher R. Browning, seeks to understand the police officers behind the blitzkrieg against Polish Jews during the German military offensive of 1942. Rather than focus on the liquidation of major ghettos in Warsaw and in Lodz, this study focuses on the smaller towns and villages that included significant Jewish populations in Central Poland. By examining indictments and judgements from legal…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Police Officer

    Police officers are their to assist the public. They are there to help if someone is lost or is hurt. Police Officers have to be there when people are in need. They have a lot of different duties that have to do on a daily bases. After researching the career of a police officer, I have decided to pursue this career. Concerning typical daily tasks, police officers are required to do many things. Cops main requirement is public safety. For example, they have to watch for people breaking the…

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  • Essay On Eyewitness Identification

    False eyewitness identification has proven to have a high degree of inaccuracy, yet still remains to be one of the most convincing pieces of evidence presented to a jury during a trial. Eyewitness accounts of certain events have been used to convict individuals that were later exonerated after serving years in a correctional facility for crimes they did not commit. Through the use of photographs and lineups during a criminal investigation, police officers and other interested parties are able to…

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  • Police Shooting Research Paper

    According to Captain Joe Bologna of the Philadelphia Police Department, “every time a police officer fires his weapon, the reputation of the police department is on the line.” (time) Anytime an officer fires a gun, there are usually people who will claim excessive force and police brutality, even if the shooting was justified. This can cause citizens to lose faith in their department and makes an officer’s job harder. There are people that ask why couldn’t the officer wound someone and that they…

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  • Stereotypes Of Cheating

    In the dead of night, a blood-curdling cry for help could be heard from several blocks away; however, no one is around to hear. A woman runs frantically for her life. She runs this way and that but fails to realize that she is trapped in a maze of houses and alleyways . She yells for help, but like the last time, no one comes to rescue her. The realization hits her as she finds herself trapped between the wall and her killer. Terrified, she turns to face her end. Just as she does, a shot rings…

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  • Community Policing Methods

    The variables used as search terms were: community policing, effectiveness, race/ethnicity, methods, results, comparisons, perceptions, trust views in the police, programs, Hispanic and others perception views on the police, and etc. Try to make the research as more gathering information based on research methods and their given results. The purpose would be to seek if there would be a difference if this theory of community policing should be mostly used in the criminal justice system being…

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  • Police Body Cameras Argumentative Analysis

    Researchers from the University of Wyoming College of Criminal Justice, Associate Professors Scott Culhane John Boman, and Psychology Department Associate Professor Kimberly Schweitzer published their 2016 study in the journal Police Quarterly regarding the role body worn cameras play in public perceptions of whether police use of force is justifiable. Professor Culhane completed his post-graduate degree at the University of Texas El Paso in Legal Psychology from the University of Texas at El…

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  • Police Agreeableness

    abilities of the employees that you are about to hire. Cognitive test asses and evaluate the important areas of the brain. These mainly include processing speed, reasoning capabilities, memory and concentration. In the police department, cognitive exams are very important and should be taken very seriously in employing new employees. Candidates that score particularly well in the cognitive test should be highly considered for the vacancies. The police department should try and hire individual…

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