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  • Police And Police Brutality

    The word polittia in Latin mean police, which means civil administration. Politia also goes back to the Greek word polis which means city, therefore it can be concluded that police officers can be viewed as those involved in the city 's administration. The word politia became the French word police. The English took over the word and use it to mean as civil administration. The police are used to represent the civil power of government of government, contrary to the military power of government (Dempsey & Forst, 2011, pg. 3). The idea police was first established by Sir Robert Peel in London in 1829. The idea behind the police system established by Sir Robert Peel was to safeguard the public against criminals, disturbance, and fire. The idea…

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  • Police Brutality In The Police

    Police are the beginning to be the most dangerous people on the streets because of all the shooting they do to young and old innocent people, false arrests, and beatings they do to young and old innocent. There are good people out there trying to stop this but it’s hard because you don’t know what cop is good out there and which one is bad. Police brutality is affecting how people think, like when people say they serve and protecting, who are they really protecting? Cops are supposed to protect…

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  • Police Violence: An Essay On Police Brutality

    Police Violence Police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. Police violence can happen for a number of reasons, but racial profiling and targeting are major reasons as to why there are such problems. Racial profiling is any use of race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin by law enforcement agents as a means of deciding who should be investigated, except where these characteristics are part of a specific suspect description. As…

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  • Police Interaction

    Impact of Police Interaction in the Community Whose responsibility is it to maintain a community? Some groups would expect the police, state, or the government to fulfill that role. Others may counter with the sentiment that a community is only as good as its members. Copsey (2015) defines community as The populations that form a community interact through the processes of competition, predation, parasitism, and mutualism. The structure and function of communities are determined by the nature…

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  • Police Realities

    (1999), argues that police work is nothing if not boring and only a few encounters involve the use of force. Yet, police officers continue to glorify and exaggerate war stories and violence. This is associated with the myth of crime fighting image and the celebration of masculinity, which is in part emphasized by police culture. In fact, most research demonstrate…

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  • Police Patrol

    Living where you police An issue that is in the administrations hand is, would it be effective for the police officers to live in the area in which they patrol? The reason this comes to question is because research has shown that residents that live in the area that the officers’ patrol, have an attitude toward the police officers (Allen & Michaux, 2013). What causes this problem? When talking to the residences, they believe that when the police officers that do not live in the area in which…

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  • Role Of Police Officer In Police Investigation

    Police officers play an essential role in investigating all aspects of crime. To ensure that all investigations are executed to the highest possible standard they must ensure that all of their actions are appropriate and more importantly lawful. During all investigations police should adhere to guidelines and procedures outlined in legislation. Adhering to these guidelines and procedures enables all relevant information to be gathered in a lawful manner which in turn may lead to a successful…

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  • Police Roles

    comparted to many other cities, the area is rapidly growing. There is not a police department dedicated to our town, however, the police are through the county, Columbia county. Police presence is very low, and here is where I believe the problem lies. With not having a police agency right within in the community the police are not as present as I have seen in other places I’ve lived. The role of police in a criminal justice system is to detect, or act on reports of law violations, to…

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  • Police Discrimination

    on a meso level by employing social workers in police departments to tackle, reduce, and ultimately end racism during interaction with the police and minorities, with a focus on African Americans. This would be done by educating police officers on cultural differences, having them explore known and unknown biases, and offer clinical support as needed. “Law enforcement must bridge differences and cross-relational barriers to do their jobs (Cornett-DeVito, 2000, p. 235).” Proper implication would…

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  • Police Militarism

    This militaristic outlook has led to the creation of a dangerous culture within and surrounding law enforcement. Militarism and access to weapons has created a phenomenon where police officers proactively pursue emergency situations. As Radley Balko cited from the ACLU in 2014, “Just under 80 percent [of SWAT raids] were to serve a search warrant, meaning eight in 10 SWAT raids were not initiated to apprehend a school shooter, hostage taker, or escaped felon (the common justification for these…

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