Police Brutality In The Police

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Police are the beginning to be the most dangerous people on the streets because of all the shooting they do to young and old innocent people, false arrests, and beatings they do to young and old innocent. There are good people out there trying to stop this but it’s hard because you don’t know what cop is good out there and which one is bad. Police brutality is affecting how people think, like when people say they serve and protecting, who are they really protecting? Cops are supposed to protect us from the bad in the world and direct us to a good path but there shooting the innocent people instead of catching the bad guys and putting them where they belong. There are people who are trying to get justice for the families who experienced death …show more content…
Voice- African American entertainers and activists have a strong voice in America and they must also use that voice to fight with problems in our community. For example, when rappers and singers talking about they life in their music they should be helping rebel against corrupted cops because it would help out a lot. The relationship between the cops and the people is really bad because the innocents are not getting justice at all because the cops could care less about the people. The cops excuse for everything is “he drew a weapon at me and I reacted” but they never find any evidence that says that. This is why we need to try the cop’s power by recording them in act. Engage in Dialogue with the Cops and have someone record it so you can test how police react to small crimes. This will prove if cops are telling the truth because if cops just do they job by talking to witnesses and arresting the bad people in this world so the bad will be off the streets. “We 're not anti-police... we 're anti-police brutality” (Sharpton). This was one of the witnesses who are trying to stop this horrible crime by standing up to the corrupted cops. One of his important things he said was that become successful was “the best way to hurt police brutality is by hitting them in the pocket by suing them for the damages towards people” (Sharpton). Every time the police hurt someone, interfered with someone, or even killed them they have to pay for their hospital damages because the family shouldn’t be able to pay for a crime that happen to their son or daughter cause it’s just a bad thing to pay soothing they couldn’t stop at all. Police have a civic duty to protect and serve individuals, but like most people hold a big deal of authority, but sometimes there power is abused like these indivuals right

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