Police And Police Brutality

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The word polittia in Latin mean police, which means civil administration. Politia also goes back to the Greek word polis which means city, therefore it can be concluded that police officers can be viewed as those involved in the city 's administration. The word politia became the French word police. The English took over the word and use it to mean as civil administration. The police are used to represent the civil power of government of government, contrary to the military power of government (Dempsey & Forst, 2011, pg. 3).
The idea police was first established by Sir Robert Peel in London in 1829. The idea behind the police system established by Sir Robert Peel was to safeguard the public against criminals, disturbance, and fire. The idea
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They were not allowed to attend the same schools, eat in the same restaurants, or use the same bathrooms as white. States and Federal Laws all favored white American. Whenever minorities protested against those laws, police officers were called to attach, beat, arrest, and locked them in jails (Dempsey & Forst, 2011, pg. 11).
There have been many controversies in the news regarding police brutality toward minorities in the news and the way police officers treat minorities suspects compare to the treatment of white suspects. Many people complain that police officers are more aggressive when confronting minority suspect than when confronting white suspects.
Police officers are hired to serve and protect the public not to abuse the people they were hired to protect. However, the public also need to understand that they have to respect the law or face the consequences of disobedience. In many instances, police brutality occurs when citizens refuse to obey lawful orders given to them but the police. In return excessive force is used by police to arrest or subdue
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One possible solution is enforcing community policing. Community policing is not a new concept and it has been around for a while. The idea behind community policing is to develop better relationship between communities and police departments. When community members and police officers develop better relationship it benefits everybody. The job of the police become easier and community members understand the goal of the police organization. The concept of community policing is properly applied can help reduce conflicts between citizens and police officers ( Miller, Hess, Orthman, 2011, pg.

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