Police Brutality In African Americans

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Police Brutality in the African American Community “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”- Biggie Smalls
Police brutality has been a problem for many years, centered around African Americans. The social awareness of this issue started when the police were beating Rodney King on television and still did not get indicted. In recent new, the police have beaten people on camera and even in front of others, however, they have not faced any consequences. For example, in the Eric Garner case he was lying on the ground, saying that he could not breathe, but the police insisted on keeping him pinned down by the head. Police brutality does deal with the excessive force to put their hands on someone, but police officers also discriminate
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But, how can they say the police had the right to beat a person until they are unconscious and then continue to beat them? Police officers feel as though they have the power to do anything they feel is right. They can beat an African American and still get away with it. Will the justice system ever look at the victims and feel sorry for them? Or will they continue to save themselves? African Americans are the victims of the beatings. How come African Americans get beat until they are black and blue, and the police officer yells out self-defense, but the police officer does not have a bruise on them? The African American community needs to come together against police brutality to gain justice, to respect equality, and to gain …show more content…
Using excessive force when necessary is understandable, but using excessive force when it is not necessary is a problem. Police officers over use their power and believe because they are the law it is okay to be done. Not only does the police verbally and physically abuse an African American, but they mentally abuse the victim too. Once a victim is beaten by one police officer they believe that every police officer is out to get them or abuse them and they are not able to trust the police. The police responsibility is to protect the people of our nation, but instead they the African American people of our nation. It is bad for the African American community because they want to gain justice, want the police to respect equality, and want to gain unity with each and every one. Will the police allow the African American community to gain justice or even protest peacefully without abusing them? Will the African American community ever be able to trust the police again without worrying about looking over their shoulder about what the people will do next? If there is justice, there will be

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