Police Brutality And Racial Disparities Essay

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Police Brutality and Racial Disparities
Police brutality against African Americans is a widely discussed topic across the states. However, what cause the police to be so? Why do they use excessive and deadly force against them? And is it really only about African Americans or does the other ethnicities encounter the same problem? These questions are worth thinking about. However, the real question is, why police are brutal and how can we link it to structural racism? Also, what are the increased odds of African Americans or any other ethnicity to encounter the brutality of police? How race/ethnicity affects treatment by the criminal justice system?
Harsh Judgements
As you are the director of the Civilian Police Review Board I want you to know more about how police officers make assumptions about people sometimes based on their race and ethnic identity. According to the Journalist’s Resource article “Excessive or reasonable force by police? Research on law enforcement and racial conflict” in November 2014, “Tamir Rice was shot by police in Cleveland, Ohio.” Does race have anything to do with the incidents? Probably. Tamir Rice was a big 12 years old boy only. He was playing with a toy pistol when he got shot. I believe that the stereotype of African Americans are criminals plays a major role in this incident. What if Tamir was a white boy? Would he got shot? Maybe, but the chance of him getting shot would decrease probably. That is the problem, it is when we…

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