Police Brutality And Racial Disparities

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Police Brutality and Racial Disparities
Police brutality against African Americans is a widely discussed topic across the states. However, what cause the police to be so? Why do they use excessive and deadly force against them? And is it really only about African Americans or does the other ethnicities encounter the same problem? These questions are worth thinking about. However, the real question is, why police are brutal and how can we link it to structural racism? Also, what are the increased odds of African Americans or any other ethnicity to encounter the brutality of police? How race/ethnicity affects treatment by the criminal justice system?
Harsh Judgements
As you are the director of the Civilian Police Review Board I
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Misjudging, and applying harsh judgments to people just because of their race/ethnicity is a type of racial disparities. Racial disparities is a major problem across the state. When people of any race commit a crime of any kind, most of the time black and Latino receive harsh judgments more than white people. ACLU report “Racial Disparities in Sentencing” states that “There are significant racial disparities in sentencing decisions in the United States. Sentences imposed on Black males in the federal system are nearly 20 percent longer than those imposed on white males convicted of similar crimes. And as of 2012, the ACLU’s research shows that 65.4 percent of prisoners serving life sentences without the possibility of parole for nonviolent offenses are Black.” Racial disparities is a real thing and it is not only about the countless victims that were killed by police officers, but even in the daily life of some people they encounter different kind of racial disparities, harsh judgments, and longer sentences for nonviolent …show more content…
The George Washington Law Review article “Race, Prediction, and Discretion” states that “Some scholars claim that prediction is partially to blame for racial bias in criminal justice.” Police officers and judges shouldn’t just predict whether the defendant is a criminal or is going to do a crime again, it needs some deep thinking and going through evidence. Otherwise, people of all kind of races and ethnicities will encounter discrimination through every step of the way like: Stops, arrests, parole, incarceration,

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