Effects Of Racial Profiling And Police Brutality

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Racial profiling and police brutality has grown to become a major issue in this country. More specifically, the act of violence by law enforcement toward African- Americans has caused an outrage all over the country. In protest against the unequal treatment of African-Americans by police officers the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has been trending all over social media. After the #BlackLivesMatter movement started there has been multiple riots protesting the excessive violence toward black people. After seeing these riots it has become obvious that two major issues need to be discussed- racial profiling and extreme violence against blacks. Both of these go against the Fourteenth Amendment, the equality of all citizens, in the Constitution. Racial profiling continues to ruin the belief, and Constitution’s …show more content…
After many investigations of the police departments all over the country, there have been too many incidents in which an officer is acting far too aggressively when they are detaining someone and the departments aren’t doing anything to stop it. A great example of this is the death of, African-American man, Eric Garner. Eric Garner was arrested for the little crime of selling nontaxed cigarettes, and was confronted by officers in his area. In a video of the arrest of Garner you can see the officers abused their authority and detained Garner using a choke hold; which has been banned by the police New York City Police Department since 1993. Garner was thrown to the floor even though he wasn’t resisting. In the video you can hear Garner helplessly say, “I can’t breathe,” as his head was being forced into the concrete. After he was detained his heart failed, caused by lack of oxygen from the choke hold, and later led to his death. From this situation it has become clear that officers are abusive and there needs to be modifications made to how police approach an

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