What Are The Causes Of Police Brutality Essay

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Recently, there have been several incidents involving police brutality, where police have been too violent with people. Police brutality has been around for a long time and for the same reasons, one being racism. The victims are usually, specific races such as African American and Hispanic. The reason behind why they receive such major punishment doesn’t make sense due to their lack of guiltiness. Police have used excessive force against them for unjustified reasons; the situation has resulted so inimical, to the point where these poor victims have actually been killed. Many of the victims’ families have experienced such misery and sadness due to the deaths of their relatives. These unfair scenarios are truly harming our society and our country in general because of police officers who can’t control their hatred for other races, even though they are just like them, but have different appearances. There is no reason why people have to suffer from this behavior and their families as well. As police officers, they should be capable of being fair with everyone or everything, and they should discover intelligent ways of solving a dilemma, in a precise way. …show more content…
Every situation derives from a specific cause and some of the major causes that have led to police brutality include, police corruption, violence/domestic violence, and racism because they are the primary behaviors in creating such

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