Police Brutality And Deadly Force By Lindsey Boggess

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Police brutality has been an issue that as continued to grow and progress over the last several years. What is police brutality? According to Lindsey Boggess she defined it as the unlawful use of physical force by officers in the performance of their lawful duties. In this case it often involves with physical pain but, it can even be shown through through verbal aggression. Abusive language is not only aggressive but, often offensive, including the use of insults, degrading language, and racially based epithets (Boggess 113). An example Boggess gives in the article here referres back to 1991 where there was a videotape of a Los Angles police officer beating Rodney King. Police brutality is a very serious matter to the point where it can lead to deadly force. What is deadly force? Deadly force is commonly defined as a force that causes or intends to cause the …show more content…
According to Boggess article there are 550 cases of deadly force per year and one third of those are considered unjustified. Boggess even mentioned that there are officers that go through an entire career without ever discharging their weapon. Police are justified in using deadly force when a suspect is trying to escape or a threat to officers and people in the community. In cases where police deadly force is unjustified it cause the community to react intensively and such actions by police can cause relationships between the people and the police community (Boggess 115).
What are the potential causes of police brutality? Boggess states in her article that according to research there are three areas which are police subcultures, inherit bias amoung individual officers, and job burnout and cynism. Police subcultures is to help police officers cope feelings of isolation from society which they first experience during there training. The subculture can also cause a mistrust between the people and the police officer bringing a mentality that it’s the people against the officers.

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