Minority Threat And Police Brutality: Police Against The People

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Police Against the People Police brutality against black individuals has skyrocketed in the past several years causing an outrage within the community. Although the distinction between the privileges of white people and colored people have been going on all throughout history, nowadays, it’s getting a bit out of hand. Astonishingly, nearly one thousand people have been killed by the force of police brutality in 2015 alone, three out of every five deaths belonged to those of Hispanic and black race (Ribas)! Therefore, with this being said, writers from the past such as Malcom Holmes and the present, Kim Lersch, Thomas Bazley, Thomas Mieczkowski, and Kristina Childs; plus, Folusho Otuyelu, Warren Graham, and Shakira Kennedy have vigorously criticized …show more content…
Holmes, a professor from the college of sociology at the University of Wyoming, strongly claims the idea that the occurrence of police’s use of cruelty and atrocity has been directed towards the colored people, especially the black community. For instance, Holmes states in his article “Minority Threat and Police Brutality: Determinants of Civil Rights Criminal Complaints in U.S. Municipalities”, “Nowhere is that tension more apparent than in the relations between minorities and police…In this view, the police function to control the “dangerous classes” of immigrants, racial minorities, and the poor” (Holmes 343-344). These examples from the text above have shown how the less fortunate minority races of black and Hispanic are being targeted by the thoughtless police force. Moreover, there have been a numerous amount of police reports showing that the minority races of color are being arrested without any reason. Additionally, Holmes describes the connection between police brutality and race and class in which has speculated tension around the United States. Although some may disagree, studies have shown that in the lower-income areas where there is a majority population of colored people, the police tend to be more aggressive when they encounter any situation. In the end, the outraged colored people in America, especially the black community, have been infuriated with its people being

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