Opposition To Police Brutality

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Opposition towards Police Brutality:
Force Justification Violence throughout America seems to be never ending; on a monthly basis you here of gruesome shooting sprees, unpredictable crimes, horrible drug and human trafficking and possible terrorist threats. Because of this American police officers are given an enormous responsibility of having the authority to use force, including deadly force, under certain circumstances to maintain order, keep crime rates low throughout the states and keep America safe (Redenbaugh 1). However recently, there has been an ongoing issue of citizens believing police abuse their authority and are above the law. Although there is no question that police misconduct does occur, society must come to the understanding
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To better understand what is considered as force that is unreasonably necessary it is important to note that it is perfectly legal for police to use violence in certain situations, such as when they or another citizen is placed in danger, or when an individual will not consent to a peaceful arrest or detention (DiLascio 2). According to the Supreme Court’s decision in 1989, the 4th amendment was created to access whether a force of an officer is excessive or not. The Fourth Amendment protects people and forbids unreasonable searches and seizures by the government or authority (). Data from the IACP shows that in 1999, police used force at a rate of 3.61 times per 10,000 calls for service, this shows that force was not used 99.9639% of the time. When force was used 39% were arrest related issues, 21% were disturbance related issues and 14% were traffic violations (The nat`l association of chiefs of police). Police officers are the main influence in our communities and need to be seen as characters of force. If police didn’t have the responsibility to maintain order, protect and keep an eye out for suspicious activity in communities, dangerous and hazardous citizens will realize that and take …show more content…
According to Dilascio “In tense, situations there are times when police have to make quick decisions in difficult circumstances in order to protect their own safety and that of innocent bystanders (2)”. Even when police officers are fearful for their life, such as when a suspect is brandishing a gun, police are authorized to use deadly force as a last resort (Walter 2). On average, over the last decade, there have been 58,930 assaults against law enforcement each year, resulting in 15,404 injuries (“Law enforcement facts”). To protect themselves and the people of America they are given the legal right to use violence in certain situations. Such violence may include verbal abuse, physical force, threats, gun shooting, pepper spray, stung guns, batons, and tear gas with the ultimate goal of stopping and preventing what it is the unlawful citizens might be doing or have done. In fact, to prevent injury and lifelong affects to citizens that decide to do wrong, they have found a less lethal force to convince assailants to comply. Tasers are weapons that utilize electric shocks to safely incapacitate individuals in conflict situations with no permanent harm and keeps police from having to place themselves in danger by using batons or physical force. “Since Tasers became available to law enforcement, the technology has saved countless lives

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