Issues In Policing

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What Are the Issues in Policing?

Policing has been around for a very long time in society. Policing is simply the duties and tasks that police officers have to perform to maintain law and order in communities. Polices perform such duties as traffic control, criminal investigation, keeping peace, and other helpful services to citizens. Over time, policing has changed tremendously and has had a great effect on today’s society. Police officers are faced with many challenges when it comes to enforcing the laws and the way they choose to enforce the laws. The problems that police officers face can range from various different levels. Some are not as serious as others but they all play a role involving the issues in policing. However, the problems
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Soft profiling is basically going by word of mouth and is not based on hard facts. For example, a state police gets a call in or tip off about a certain race that was accused of smuggling drugs and they pull over a person who matches the claimed description in hopes to find drugs. To explain the overall example, a person may get pulled over for speeding but a police officer would try to check their car for drugs because of the color of their skin. These types of situations are much more reasonable, but they also are issue that make the people view officers as …show more content…
This topic is one that brings a lot of attention because of what people tend to see, and they are not really educated with the rules of the law. Because of the specific incidents that are publicized, many people feel as if this issue is broader than what it really is. Data indicates that the use of force in a wrongfully way is not a very common event or an increasing problem within the law enforcement. In many cases, a video might be seen on social media showing a police officer using force wrongly to get a person to apply to them. There are debates on whether police are more likely to be rougher to a minority suspect. A survey showed results that Hispanics and African Americans are more likely to be expose to force of officers that whites. This brings about problems nationwide within the policing system because the public is being exposed to these situations more each day. It is known that police officers should only use the necessary amount of force that is needed to protect themselves from harm and make arrest, but this is not always the case. There are some cases where officers mishandle suspects and use more force than what is needed when making arrest. The use of force from officers can be categorized into two ways; deadly force or nondeadly

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