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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Machines Are Better Than Police Dogs

    Police dogs these days are getting hate because most people believe that the dogs are not reliable enough to find explosives and illegal substances. There are also people who had stated that the dogs give false alerts because the dogs want their handlers to find what their handlers are looking for and that machines are better. Some people will go and disagree with what had been stated such as the author. The people who disagree would state that dogs are very intelligent and are able to sniff out the difference, that we, humans can’t see. The author of the passage would respond to these arguments against using dogs to assist law enforcement 's by stating the difference between the machines and dogs, how good the dogs can smell, and how the dogs are able to tell the difference between the many scents. The machines that people are saying is better than dogs, cost tons more money just for one. The price to make on the machine that can do the same thing a dog can do is over the top, especially because it’s possible the machine can overheat and take more time to fix rather than a dog do the same job and will…

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  • Four Types Of Dogs Essay

    widely across the world by both police and military. Having a K-9 as a resource can benefit the one using them greatly, this is because a “dogs nose is 40 times more powerful than a human nose” (Tyson, Peter ). With their nose being 40 times better than a humans nose they can pick up on things that humans can not, making the K-9 unit a great tool to sniff out drugs, bombs and picking up the scent of other humans. Dogs are trained at a young age to become a part of the K-9 unit for many police…

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  • K9 Units Essay

    funding. Dogs have been used for a very long time in a variety of roles, law enforcement being one of the main areas dogs are utilize in. Training practices vary depending on departments and jurisdiction. We need to understand and study the effectiveness of units given their training and positions. This is because K9 units can be time consuming and costly, so we need to know where to best place our officers and ensure that the public is being protected to the best possible standard. Many times,…

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  • My Brother: A Brief Story Of A German Police Dog

    I stand up and put behind myself my brothers saying: they're, my brothers, and the dog our companion. The man examine us for a moment, I felt an eternity and after made signs to us of following him. As he seeing us wouldn't intend to move nor Prince stopped growling, gently he told us: - Listen children, I wouldn’t harm you, come inside the house and my wife will offer a bite to eat, I guess will be hungry, and looking at Prince , added. Also, will provide to your companion, I understand…

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  • 911 Hero Narrative

    there was a lot to clean up. There was workers, helpers, adults, police officers, firemen, police dogs, rescue dogs, and a few other different kinds of dogs. At around 1:00, my older sister, Tanika, who was 22, and I went downtown to where the Twin Towers once stood, now there was just piles of concrete, steel, and debris. A lot more things that you would/ wouldn't have…

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  • Service Dog Research Paper

    Cara Insco Mr. Watkins English 4 3 March 3, 2017 Service Dogs Service dogs are very beneficial to our society and help a lot of people enjoy their life just like anyone else would. Service dogs are not like any other dogs, they have to go through special training that can take up to two years. Service dogs must be able to act professionally in public so they will not be taken out of public places. Service dogs are not pets therefore, they are allowed to go into businesses that have a no pets…

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  • Pitbulls: Are They Good Or Bad?

    are, by far, the most feared dog. A “pit bull” isn 't an actual breed, the term originates from the American Pit Bull Terrier but also includes the American Staffordshire Terrier, the English Staffordshire Terrier, and any dogs that are mixes of these breeds. These dogs are stereotyped to the point that there have been laws instated that have banned the dogs in some cities. For decades the media has been using the pit bull hysteria for their own profit. This is an issue because so many people 's…

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  • Informative Essay On Pitbull

    Do these puppies look vicious? I hope everyone's answer was a no because they are not they are the most lovable, loyal, and trustworthy dogs a girl could dream of. These puppies are my best friends and I hope everyone would feel safe being around them. But I haven’t told you the “scary” part yet these dogs are Pitbulls yes the “scary” breed of dogs that most people hate. Here's a little background information of what a Pitbull actually is not one specific breed even though that’s what many…

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  • Florida V. Jardines: A Case Study

    000-$29,000 (Bullington). This figure doesn’t include the maintenance training and general living expenses for the dog, including food and vet care. If there isn’t a spare vehicle that can be converted to accommodate the needs of a K-9 unit, a special one must be purchased. Proper equipment is essential as well. The canine is an investment and must be carefully thought out. It’s not just the material essentials that are expensive; being accountable for a dog could cost a significant amount of…

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  • K-9 Dogs Research Papers

    bunch of dogs that have been taught good tricks that are silly. However, the dogs that make up the K-9 unit have a lot of rich history that has changed the lives of many communities. These dogs have saved people’s lives in combat and in searching for some of the worst criminals that the world have known. The K-9’s are also thought to be man’s best friend because they truly are the reason for why people feel so safe within a large community. These dogs also happen to be the reason why the police…

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