History of Vietnam

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  • Eisenhower's Domino Theory

    stories that take place in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. These stories depict the horrors and atrocities that take place during war. General history shows that the US spent lots of time and money. The US involvement in Vietnam divided Americans into the hawks and the doves. The hawks were people who supported the war while the doves were people who opposed the war. The conflict between the hawks and doves raised the question, “Was the US justified in going to war in Vietnam?”. This question…

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  • How Did The Vietnam War Changed America

    before war puts an end to mankind” (John F. Kennedy). The Vietnam War was a violent war that had a strong impact on everyone involved. Not only the United States government, but also the people realized it was not always their place to intervene in foreign affairs. But this realization was far too late as the troops had already been sent and the American citizens were forced to live through the hell that is war. The effects of the Vietnam War questioned the ethics of warfare and changed the…

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  • Past Imperfect Book Review

    Fictions, Fraud—American History from Bancroft and Parkman to Ambrose, Bellesiles, Ellis, and Goodwin, Peter Charles Hoffer, a professor of history at the University of Georgia and former member of the American Historical Association 's Professional Division, discusses the issue of professional and ethical misconduct in the field of history. Hoffer analyzes the four cases of Ambrose, Bellesiles, Ellis, and Goodwin, and notes that developments within the field of history have affected historians.…

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  • Vietnamese Diet Chart

    a scholarly article “Food consumption patterns in the economic transition in Vietnam”, Malnutrition is still prominent in Vietnam; in 2000, 33% of…

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  • The Vietnam War: The Dilemmas Of The Hippie Movement

    latter part of the 1900s in the history of the United States?” many people might answer saying that they do not know. Others might answer the question by saying the Hippie Movement, while others might say the Vietnam War, but both answers to the question are correct. However, every event, whether big or small, during the end of the 1900s revolved around the Vietnam War. In the Vietnam War, America sent troops to South Vietnam to aid them in the war against North Vietnam and the Viet Cong where…

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  • Lieutenant Jimmy Cross In The Things They Carried

    The Vietnam War was a changing point in American history. Causing high tensions between the US and the Communists parties around the globe, the Vietnam War was another way people were effected by conflict. The Communist conflict in Vietnam effected soldiers and even the people back in the United States. There were rallies against the war. People were parading in the streets of Washington DC promoting the extraction of American soldiers from a war that they believe made no sense. Some anti-war…

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  • Causes Of The Vietnam War Essay

    What Really Caused the Vietnam War The Vietnam War is credited as one of the most momentous events to have taken place with American Forces on Foreign Soil. From movies, such as “Forrest Gump” to “Platoon,” the Vietnam War still resonates in American Society. This prevalence lets Americans question and recall the events of the Vietnam War, but most importantly brings up the question: what was the cause of the Vietnam War? The Vietnam War is said to have started because the US did not want any…

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  • Battle Of Dien Bien Vhu Analysis

    Vietnam, historically known as one of America’s most catastrophic war and bloodstained. Thousands of Americans lives were lost, however the Americans were not the only Military force to loose mass amounts of troops in this nation’s history. France acquired years of struggle and massive thrashings against the Communist country. But one Battle in particular was the battle of Dien Bien Phu. The quantities of casualties were shocking and the tactical portion was farfetched. This Battle went into…

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  • Theme Of Lies My Teacher Told Me

    Teacher Told Me, by James Loewen, many different important points are made about how the history textbook industry is corrupt, telling lies, or not telling the whole truth to the young readers. This should be very evident to most people, since textbooks spanning from elementary to high school often tell different pieces of information, and sometimes, complete opposite of those pieces of information. For years, history textbooks have been corrupted by the economically elite, and “teach” children…

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  • How Did The Vietnam War Affect Society

    Vietnam War “One of the lessons learned during the Vietnam war was that the depiction of wounded soldiers, of coffins stacked higher than their living guards, had a negative effect on the view public”- Walter Dean Myers. With the many deaths of brave soldiers and innocent citizens, the people’s high view on the government’s opinion for the public decreased drastically. There was a feeling of insecurity and malicious emotions towards the military and the government. The Vietnam war has impacted…

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