Pol Pot's Worst Genocide In Cambodia

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Located in eastern Asia Cambodia lies between Thailand and vietnam. Cambodia is surrounded by beautiful mountains and mysterious rainforests. Although with lots of beautiful geographical structures Cambodia's government lacked stability. Starting in 1975 Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge army took over Cambodia and started a communist country, while killing 25 percent of Cambodia's population(Pol). Through raising tensions between local countries and Cambodia, the Cambodian Killing Fields were considered to be one of the worst genocides in history that has lasting effects on Cambodia today.
In 1969, Pol Pot had become the leader of the communist party in Cambodia. He eventually fled into the jungle where he hid from the prince of Norodom Sihanouk, the leader of Cambodia and raised an army called the Khmer Rouge; consisting of mostly teenage orphan geurillas where numbers
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Millions of mines were left behind from the Khmer Rouge and wrecked havoc even after they had left.These have caused thousands of deaths and disabilities throughout the 1980s. The few Cambodians to escape the Khmer Rouge were drastically affected by the horror that they had been involved in; many of these people today suffer from mental disabilities and struggle to live a normal lifestyle. All of these factors weighs on the country today through poverty. But Cambodia is on the rise with a 6% increase in GDP; Cambodia's economy is starting to flow from tourism, agriculture, and construction. The Cambodian people reminisce on the past and pay their respects to their heirs on May 20th. They call this day the Day of Anger. With the Khmer Rouge wiping out oral tradition and traditional songs, dances, music, and even art some of the Cambodians may never know the important aspects of their

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