Domino In Vietnam

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Location: Vietnam
Date: 1880s - 1975
Background: During the 1880s, France took over Vietnam.During the process, vietnam refuse to fall under France’s reign and fought for their own freedom, but it wasn't that easy.Post-World War II, Harry Truman provided the French with money which assisted them on taking over the vietnamese Nation.Even with the help of America, the French didn’t managed to get control of Vietnam; therefore, Vietnam won their independence in 1954.After they gained their independence, Vietnam was divided into two creating North and South Vietnam.The North was Under communist rule by Ho Chi Minh while the south was trying to fight the North creating an internal war in Vietnam.
U.S Takes Action: North Vietnam was gaining more power creating a bigger threat for the U.S. since they feared that their communism was going to get spread into south Vietnam.This was a threat because of the domino theory which stated that if one Nation falls under communism other will follow.This urged President Truman to take action and he sends Military advisors to
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was now broadcasting the events of the war, the home front realized how bad war was and its conditions.This cause many people to protest against the war and to stop the drafting of young Americans into the war.In order to try and reduce protest, Government introduced the 26th amendment which made the voting age to 18 years old because it was believed that if you were able to go to war, you should be able to vote.Some of the young people moved to another country and other stay in college to avoid getting drafted.The protest intensified as the war intensified with the Tet Offensive.The Tet Offensive were surprise attacks from the north on the south. The north suffered many deaths due to the Tet Offensive, and the U.S. seemed to be taking the lead, but after four years with the Tet Offensive, it was clear that the North was not going to surrender. Consequently, protest grew in the

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