Hybridity In Vietnam

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The Hybridity of Vietnam and American

In the United States, there are nearly 41 million immigrants in 2012 (Nwosu). When people come into a new country, they will have their own culture, and it can change after time is passed over, but it is not completely change. It just meshes with another culture. According to the book, “East Eat West”, by Andrew Lam, he said, “the theme of hybridity is central to a global society, and a large part of that entails accommodating one’s tongue to the delectable world’s zests and zings.” He mentions how cultures can mesh together as one, which are language, cultures, food, and other things. In other words, hybrid is the change of mix between two original cultures together. Therefore, I will discuss hybridity
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The market that I want to talk about is grocery store where people purchase meat, vegetable, fish, and more foods. Before I came to California, I lived in Tucson, Arizona, where don’t have a lot Vietnamese people. There is a Vietnamese market these, but it isn’t sell only Vietnamese product. It sells so many different products from different cultures. For me, the market is a hybridity market because it has many products from different cultures. It has Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Thai, Indian food. The store carries too many products. Likewise, Andrew Lam mentions a hybrid, which is the market in Oakland has combination of many culture. He said, “ the Sun Hop Fat #1 Supermarket on East 12th Street, a few blocks south of Lake Merritt, in Oakland. It said, ‘American-Mexican-Chinese-Vietnamese-Thailand-Combodia-Laos-Filipino-Priental Food.” Thus, most markets in the U.S are hybrid markets because they carry more than one kind product, and it includes many American markets. Therefore, Markets in the U.S are …show more content…
Food is a big hybrid because they are many cultures in the U.S, and the food has mixed between two different cultures. Also, farming is another hybridity. For the Vietnamese people, farm in Vietnamese is different than farm in the U.S. In Vietnam, they usually grow a small amount of vegetable, fruit, and animal for daily food. Therefore, when they come to the U.S, farms become a hybrid because farming in the U.S is better than in Vietnam. Finally, market is the last hybridity that I want to mention. Because America is a combination country, the demand of product mixes. Thus, Andrew Lam said that California is a hybridity because combination between many cultures, and I agree with his

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