Positive Impacts Of Migration To Australia

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Positive impacts include: o The expansion of regional business, investment links and add labour jobs due to the new skills offered by the migrants entering Australia. o Migrants bring new skills to the country such as the ability to speak foreign languages. These new skills can help boost communication between other countries and help people develop skills for working internationally. o Economic relations have been strengthened due to the addition of migration sources. o Migration raises average incomes and creates wealth and employment for all Australians. o Migration provides a diversity of cultures that many believe defines the Australian identity o Due to Australia’s migration links, there has been an influx of new services e.g. kebab shops …show more content…
o Recently, there have been issues of regional instability due to the incidence of people smugglers bringing refugees to Australia from various countries. o There has been a debate of the fact that Australia’s land may not have the 'carrying capacity' for a large

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