Analysis Of Women Elite Leaders In China

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In China, few researchers have explored women elite leaders’ ambition and competition with other women, or their relations, to develop relationship-based approach to women leadership.

In my research I will explore how women elite leaders perform their ambition and competition between women in China. I will focus on women elite leaders’ experiences of social relations who are at the top of hierarchies as directors of Chinese listed companies. Moreover, I will explore some positive aspects which are still areas under study, Chinese culture is included in. As women elite leaders’ experiences of ambition and competition with each other in UK organisations have recently been studied by some scholars in the UK, I will extend their research. Through making a comparison between women elite leaders in China and the UK.

My research sets out to explore
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What is your experience, as a woman leader, of being promoted into senior positions, or board members?
2. Can you tell me about a time in your career when you have been ambitious? Do you think been ambitious is good or bad to you? Then, what is your responds?
3. Where do you think your attitudes towards ambition come from and why?
4. Thinking about the ambitious senior women that you have met through your career, what successful and unsuccessful behaviours did you observe? After found out she was ambitious, is your relations closer or estrangement?
5. Can China’s three traditional philosophies (Daoism, Confucianism, and Legalism) promote ambition between women leaders?
6. Where and when are you aware of ambition in relationships between women in your organisation?
7. What kind of ambitious experience with a female friend at work do you have?
8. Can you tell me one of your experience have been competitive with other women to develop your career?
9. How do you realise you are competitiveness toward other women? Then what did you

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