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  • Economics: Differences Between Gasoline And Diesel Fuels

    Gasoline and Diesel fuels Gasoline and diesel fuels are one of those products that majority of the working class requires in the daily basis to conduct their regular daily activities. From taking their kids to daycare, or dropping the kids to school or simply driving to work. The demand for gasoline and diesel fuels is all around us. The driving fuel for our public transportation, Gasoline and diesel fuels prices are constantly adjusting to the supply and demand equilibrium. There many factors that directly contribute to these changes and the most noticeable changes are at the pump. But what actually drives the changes in prices you may ask? As supply has increased, demand also has decreased. Even though the U.S. Energy Information Administration…

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  • Diesel Vehicles

    have been hit by a major scandal about Volkswagen cheating on multiple diesel emission tests for the TDI engines. This event has damaged the Volkswagen reputation. However, has this event affected the popularity of diesel vehicles as a whole? With the increased concern for the environment and a higher interest to drive more fuel-efficient vehicles can diesel vehicles make a comeback for the 21st century as an alternative to gasoline, electric, and hybrid vehicles? Research shows that diesel…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Diesel Cars

    and I finally came to a conclusion to research the advantages of a diesel engine rather than a gas engine. The man that got me so intrigued with diesel engines was my dad, as a kid, I always remembering him say, “It has rocks in the engine” because of how the old diesels were so loud. Growing up in the United States my entire life, I have always been infatuated with cars and we have many car producers here. I chose this topic because I knew a good amount of things I could write about but I still…

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  • Diesel Engine Vs Diesel Essay

    the differences between Diesel , and Automotives engine. Also what diesel, and automotives engines have in common. Rudolf Diesel was the one that invented Diesel engines. In his high school career, Rudolf was taking a automotives engine class. Rudolf with his information that he learn in high school. Rudolf wanted to created an engine that is more efficiently. In his own time Rudolf was creating a Combustion Diesel engine. In 1892 was the year that Rudolf invented diesel. Today,we thank Rudolf…

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  • Straight Vegetable Oil Essay

    Straight vegetable oils (SVO) are a promising alternative to diesel oil (DO) for diesel engines, due to having comparable properties to mineral diesel, being easy to produce compared to counterparts and offering smaller emissions footprints. Therefore, the experimental study aims to evaluate the potential and influence of Jatropha oil (JO) as diesel engine fuel. Endurance long term operation tests of 300 hours for JO and 100 hours for DO were conducted on a small single cylinder 6.5 kW diesel…

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  • Diesel: Internal Combustion Engine (SI)

    The NOx Problem 1. History of Diesel The diesel engine is a Compression Ignition (CI) Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) that was invented by Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer in 1892. Unlike a Sparked Ignition (SI) engine, Diesel designed the engine to run on vegetable oil, more specifically peanut oil. 2. CI vs SI, the difference As its name suggests, the CI engine’s ignition of the air-fuel mixture is caused by the mechanism compression rather than a spark from a spark plug of SI engine. This…

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  • The Benefits Of Outdoor Kitchens

    wasting resources in prison for those that are not hardened criminals. This would be a relevant program where people could find a job or a program that will help them make sure individuals are capable of supporting their children. Hybrid-Electric Job Site Generator Although world leaders have already taken many steps to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, there persists the need for continued use for the near future. One major technological advance, which allows modern consumers to curb gasoline…

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  • Biodiesel Is More Geoffier Than Diesel

    combustion engine as a machine that works converting chemical energy, present in the fuel, to mechanical energy. This kind of machine is used to generate power and make human life easier. Also engine is used in large scale around the word. However the fuel used in engines is a controversial discussion because it is from nonrenewable resources, which are being depleted at a rapid rate. Moreover, the combustion of fossil fuel releases many emissions in the atmosphere. In this scenario bio fuels…

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  • Diesel Engine Research Paper

    when you see Semi-truck, heavy equipment, or a 3/4-ton and up trucks, think about what kind of engine is in it. Is it a diesel engine or a gasoline engine? All heavy equipment today has a diesel engine in it. Semi-truck must have a diesel engine in it for all the load that the trucks are pulling. 3/40-ton trucks are different; they can have both diesel or a gas engine. With diesel engines, there are so many different engine brands/ manufactures such as Cummins, Powerstroke, Duramax,…

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  • Diesel Engines

    the 80’s and 90’s diesel powered vehicles were infamous for their loud, smelly, and jittery engines. However, today’s diesel powered engines are significantly more quiet, more comfortable to drive, and with new technological advances, they aren’t throwing out black smelly fumes from their tail pipes thanks to newer catalytic converters. Diesel engines are more preferable today because they are superior fuel savers, last much more longer, and have a higher power output. A diesel engine is known…

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