Biodiesel Is More Geoffier Than Diesel

Heywood J.B. [1] defines internal combustion engine as a machine that works converting chemical energy, present in the fuel, to mechanical energy. This kind of machine is used to generate power and make human life easier. Also engine is used in large scale around the word. However the fuel used in engines is a controversial discussion because it is from nonrenewable resources, which are being depleted at a rapid rate. Moreover, the combustion of fossil fuel releases many emissions in the atmosphere. In this scenario bio fuels are emerging as an alternative to reduce emissions and they come from renewable resource, too. But Biodiesel can has storage problems and be less efficient than Diesel. Recent research shows that Biodiesel is a strong …show more content…
The most used process to transform natural oil in biodiesel is called transesterification. This process is basically a reaction between natural oil and alcohol and it results in biodiesel and waste. Natural oil comes from oil plants and animal fat it means a renewable resource. Moreover is possible to make biodiesel from cooking used oil witch before was unused. In this way, biodiesel shows that are possible to turn into fuel this green energy.
Nonetheless, because it is made of natural oil, Biodiesel is biodegradable, in other words, it decomposes. For the nature this is very good, but as a fuel this property is not desirable because reduces the time it is possible to store and use this fuel. Beyond that, biodiesel can turn in gel in colder weather. The temperature at which the biodiesel is transformed gel depends on the feedstock and mixture of biodiesel to
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Some trees produce fruit improper to human and animal consumption, but this fruits can provide natural oil used to produce Biodiesel. Palm and jatropha trees are example of oilseed improper to consumption. These kind of tree are found in warm climate condition, a characteristic of third word countries, what makes biofuel production more attractive. Also some residues, as used greases and animal fats can be turned into Biodiesel, leveraging what before was just trash.
Withal, Diesel/Biodiesel blends, and pure Biodiesel (B100), are more expensive for to consumers than commercial Diesel. The price of the raw material increases when there is an increase in its demand. Another factor that raise the Biodiesel price are rural problems like rural production crisis and drought that impact directly in the offer of raw material.
Despite showing some disadvantages when compared to commercial diesel, biodiesel has several qualities and a strong tendency to replace the fossil fuel, for three reasons. First Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy it means can be produced naturally without harming the environment. Second biodiesel presents a very marked reduction in the emission of pollutants compared to fossil fuel. Finally the use of Biodiesel takes as raw material, which was material to dispose generating increased revenue in countries that use green energy

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