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  • Describe The Relationship Between Speedometer And Tachometer

    Every vehicle has a number of electrical instruments. Each one varies due to the certain make and model of the vehicle with the different variations on the particular vehicle. Take a truck for instant it has a speedometer, tachometer, and transmission temperature gauge. Due to the fact that it will be towing a heavy object and be putting stress on the motor, so it doesn’t get too hot the gauge is there to protect it. Now on a sport car your two main instruments will be the speedometer and the tachometer. The speedometer is there to show how fast you are going into relation when using the tachometer, it shows you how fast your engine is rotating and tells you when to shift the gears if it’s a manual transmission car. They are many different types of display used in vehicles. The first is vacuum fluorescent, which uses tubes that are filled with argon or neon gases and when electrical current passes through the tubes it creates a bright and durable light.…

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  • Wind Turbine Research Paper

    Off Grid for Single Household Usage: Attic Wind Turbine Electricity Generation Abstract- This research paper presents a small attic wind turbine system consists of 120 Volt Direct Current, 2500 rpm, 60 Watts generator which is attached to the rooftop ventilator wind turbine. When the ventilator turbine rotates at a low current wind speed, the generator produces DC voltage high enough to charge to the 12 Volt, 125 Ampere hour batteries bank for household appliances or lighting usage. The…

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  • The Benefits Of Outdoor Kitchens

    people could find a job or a program that will help them make sure individuals are capable of supporting their children. Hybrid-Electric Job Site Generator Although world leaders have already taken many steps to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, there persists the need for continued use for the near future. One major technological advance, which allows modern consumers to curb gasoline consumption, came in the form of the modern hybrid-electric engine in 1997 (Berman, 2011). Although sales of…

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  • Concept Of Green Hotel

    Introduction: The name of our hotel is the Green is Grass. The concept of our hotel is about green, environmental friendly and sustainable development. We will build our hotel in an island of the Caribbean Sea, named Barbuda. And the location we chose in the island is near the sea. So it not only we can provide the ocean or lagoon view to our guests. But also we can use the nature resource convenient. This paper explain the following of our utilities: Overview of Grass is Green Hotel, materials…

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  • Differences Between Machine And Induction Machine

    Cost Moderate initial cost followed by a higher operating cost and maintenance. High purchasing price; Lower operating cost and good energy saving which cut down operating cost. Table 2 summary of comparison between PM and induction machines losses in electric machines To investigate the efficiency of the machine, an essential part is to evaluate the losses in the motor. Losses in the machine is determined by the structure and working condition. Losses in the machines can generally be…

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  • Personal Engineering Work Experience

    I graduated from the University of Houston, Texas with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Thesis in May 2011. My engineering work experience as an Engineer-In-Training began at En-Fab, Inc. in Houston, Texas from June 2011 and since then I am working as an Electrical Engineer in this company. My engineering experience at En-Fab, Inc. entailed being a member of the project engineering group where I performed calculations for sizing of the motor and branch circuit overload…

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  • The Reflection Of Mechanical Power

    Equations. When there is a decrease in value in equations there is an increase in efficiency of power generator. In here, there is no loss when value is 0. Therefore, Equations can be defined accordingly with conservation of energy principle suggesting generating power is same as mechanical power. Then, the relation between torque and current can be induced as Equations. Since current is…

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  • Commercial Electricians

    An electrician is someone who specializes in the electrical wiring of buildings, machines and related equipment. Because electrical equipment is highly sensitive and potentially dangerous, electricians are always in need for emergencies and to deal with electrical problems. Electricians can work in residential, or private electrician jobs or commercial jobs. Residential jobs may involve work such as fitting a home for electrical wiring and investigating and repairing electrical problems in a…

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  • Analyse The Value Of Voltages In Generation, Transmission And Distribution?

    generation, transmission and distribution? Task 4 (D1) Electricity has greatly evolved from what it once was, to be fit for our modern day consumption and usage. Electrical engineering was first pioneered in the early 19th century, and great progress had been made by the time the 19th century came to a close. Most of the advancements were made by the likes of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse; who all aided in making electricity what it is today. In 1878 Thomas Edison started…

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  • Electrical Engineering Research Paper

    Thomas Edison who is credited with being one of the world’s first electrical engineers. Electrical engineering requires a vast array of skills and talents, but offers numerous opportunities for employment along with several perks such as traveling and the knowledge to solve almost any problem. Electrical engineering dates back to William Gilbert, the father of electrical engineering, in the 19th century. Gilbert invented the versorium, a device that detects static electricity. Although a…

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