Light-emitting diode

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  • The Function Of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

    Abstract- this paper presents OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).How they work, what they are prepared of, and different policies to manufacture them with layers thicknesses, and the many functions for them. OLEDs function as both light source and color array at the same time; they are used to generate digital displays in devices. Due to their early stage of improvement, they normally release fewer lights per unit area than inorganic solid-state based LED point-light sources. Introduction-An OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is a sort of LED (light-emitting diode), where the emissive electroluminescent level is a film of organic compound which releases light in response to an electric current. This layer of organic semiconductor material…

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  • Benzenethiol Ligand Study

    In this study, the effect of benzenethiol ligand on CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots was investigated. Conventional long-chain oleic acid (OA) and trioctylphosphine (TOP) capping ligands were partially replaced by short benzenethiol ligands, and the improvement in the luminescence performance was observed in quantum dot light emitting diodes (QD-LED). Approximately 1.8 fold improvement was achieved for both the maximum luminance and maximum current efficiency for the QD-LEDs fabricated with…

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  • Pulse Oximeter Essay

    The emitters and photo detector are placed so as to face each other through tissue about 5-10 mm in thickness. The diodes are switched turn on and turn off in rapid sequence so that each measurement set include an estimate of transmission of infrared light, red light and ambient illumination. The ratio of red to infrared light is determined and the corresponding oxyhemoglobin saturation is found from an empirically determined table. The individual measurements are made each second and fed into…

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  • The Importance Of The Price Of LED High Bay

    of the LED chips, the LED high bays are being used to replace the traditional lighting industry. Therefore, most users will buy the LED high bay since it is the most effective means of energy conservation. Since the LED lights came into the market, the price has been high due to its properties such as energy saving, environmental protection as well as its efficiency. Due to the above reason, most of the manufacturers are targeting the desire of users in LED high bay. They use the advantage of…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Energy Consultants, LLC

    change their preferences and for business that sells products or services, it can be less profitable for that company if they don’t adapt to the changes (Small Business -, 2015). Have a diverse population locally or nationally can cause issues if a company doesn’t have employees that can speak the language. Not being able to speak or understand can cause the customer to choose another company to hire. Energy Consultants operates in the energy efficiency industry. In this industry,…

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  • Jenny Holzer Essay

    neo-conceptual artist who creates thought provoking narratives through her installations. Her medium includes billboards, buildings, posters, stickers, light projections, plaques, photographs, and perhaps her most famous medium, LED signs. No matter which medium she uses, however, her work never fails to incite and arouse the public. Holzer’s aesthetic includes language and narratives as art, which continues to inspire people around the world. Jenny Holzer was born on July twenty ninth,…

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  • Describe The Relationship Between Speedometer And Tachometer

    speedometer, tachometer, and transmission temperature gauge. Due to the fact that it will be towing a heavy object and be putting stress on the motor, so it doesn’t get too hot the gauge is there to protect it. Now on a sport car your two main instruments will be the speedometer and the tachometer. The speedometer is there to show how fast you are going into relation when using the tachometer, it shows you how fast your engine is rotating and tells you when to shift the gears if it’s a manual…

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  • Visible Light Communication Essay

    Visible Light Communication – Tomorrow’s Technology YASHODHA J K NITHYASHREE N Weir EnSci, Bengaluru Weir EnSci, Bengaluru Abstract-The Visible Light Communication (VLC) is an emerging technology, which provides distinct facilities such as fast data communication, secure data communication, high data rate wireless communication, etc. Instead of radio frequency, VLC uses light, to transfer data. The visible light spectrum is unlicensed…

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  • Prototype Of Light Automation System

    part which is started with LDR sensor, then PIR sensor and lastly LED as light module. During day, all LEDs and PIR sensor is turned off. This condition is shown in Figure-10. Figure-9. Prototype of proposed design project Figure-10. Condition during day During night, whereby LDR sensor detects light intensity, 4 LEDs at the junction will turned on. This is called as Mode 1. Figure-11 shows the…

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  • Lifestyle Change Project

    contributed the greatest to my lifestyle’s electricity consumption. The major three aspects are: Length of time lights is on, temperature setting on the thermostat, and pool pumps cycles. I also tracked the amount of loads of laundry my family did as well as refrigeration use. As previously stated, being conscious of your actions is half of the battle. To begin, I first kept a log of how long the lights in bedroom are on. This averaged about 5.75 hours a day. I then replaced the standard…

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