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  • Like Emoticon Analysis

    This picture of a “like emoticon” from Facebook has a quote stating “Your likes can hurt someone’s feelings, Use your likes wisely” This is automatically targeting people who are bullied on Facebook. As social media becomes more and more a part of our generation, new ways of bullying occur as well. The ad uses all logos and how they use it, is by saying a like on Facebook is one of the causes of cyberbullying and that liking a certain post can hurt someone’s feelings. My goal is to shed a deeper understanding of this, the effects of posts, comments and likes on Facebook. The credibility is true, in fact because at the bottom it added that it is directing its attention to Facebook fans and/users of the website. Although, I must digress, as other means of hurting feelings on Facebook are not mentioned, such as…

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  • Generation Like Movie Analysis

    Generation Like Summarize The Generation Like video explains to the viewer’s how younger people of this new generation use social media’s in order to feel accepted by their peers and at the same time using them as a way to promote advertisements for different companies. The first part of this video introduces the viewer to a group of younger people brainstorming ideas in order to get the most “likes” on their Facebook profile pictures, while this is happening Douglas Rushkoff is asking…

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  • In Regards To William Shakespeare's As You Like It

    In Regards to As You Like It William Shakespeare is one of the most influential playwrights of all time; and his stories have been enjoyed by the masses since their conceptions. As You Like It, is an example of one of Shakespeare’s plays that has survived the ages and is still highly popular. The characters of this play and the changes they go through speak to generations of people. The situations that are forced upon them and the emotions they experience relate so closely to the journeys…

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  • Green Worlds In A Midsummer Night's Dream And As You Like It

    Shakespeare’s writing can be identified by many different characteristics. One of these characteristics is his use of green worlds, specifically in his comedies. Shakespeare uses green worlds to introduce a deviation of society to his characters. In these spaces, the rules and obligations of the other world do not apply, his characters are allowed play with different identities in the green world. Two plays that particularly highlight this are A Midsummer Night’s Dream and As You Like It. In…

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  • Symbolism In Like Water For Chocolate

    According to the FDA love is not an ingredient however, emotion still plays a large role in cooking. In the novel Like Water for Chocolate by Esquivel the main protagonist Tita faces many challenges in life. A narration by Esperanza, Tita’s granddaughter starts every chapter with a recipe. The recipes may seem like just a tradition being recorded but, they actually correlate with the emotions and challenges Tita faces in the chapter. Food is also used as a recurring motif with symbolic…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate Essay

    As the prized #3 recruit in the country, Cliff Alexander seemed poised for a great season in college and a bright future ahead of him in the NBA. Alexander committed to Kansas , wanting to be apart of a college basketball blueblood. During his season he battled injuries and eventually went undrafted in the NBA Draft. Alexander was a kid from Chicago, who had dreamt his whole life that he would attend University of Illinois. Looking back at the decisions he made, he realized he should've attended…

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  • Bend It Like Beckham Analysis

    Bend it like Beckham is about football, race, gender, and culture. The sport has different definitions – it can be a voluntary participation (fun), intrinsic reward important, physical skill and exertion. As discussed in the first lecture, sport provides a pleasurable experience to so many people. Sport can be a source of tension but at the same time, it brings people together from different cultures, ethnicities and countries. It is an inspiration to many people in our society today. I will be…

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  • Just Like Heaven Analysis

    The movies Sweet Home Alabama and Just Like Heaven have further in common than just the leading lady, Reese Witherspoon. These two movies represent the romantic ideals of society in appropriately similar ways. Both movies teach valuable lessons in telling how Hollywood chooses to portray what the concept of love is and how it develops in romantic films. In Sweet Home Alabama the first concept of love is the chemistry between the two characters. Right off the bat, the chemistry between the two…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate Feminist Analysis

    Do you consider yourself a feminist? In the novel Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, she writes about femininity and traditions that occur in Tita’s life. Also a bit of magical realism to captivate her readers. Throughout the plot, most of the characters present themselves as independent and rebellious or while others are seen doing what women are expected to do like cooking, cleaning, taking care of children themselves, and etc. However, out of all the characters I can conclude that…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate Film Analysis

    Laura Esquivel’s film adaptation of Like Water for Chocolate and Kate Chopin’s stories, A Pair of Silk Stockings and The Storm, share a similar theme. They all focus on the complexity of women’s struggles to discover their freedom and individuality against social norms and traditions. At first they all place their desires aside because they feel a sense of duty whether they are forced or self imposed. Eventually, each woman takes a step to fulfill their desires if only for one brief time. In…

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