Symbolism In Like Water For Chocolate

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According to the FDA love is not an ingredient however, emotion still plays a large role in cooking. In the novel Like Water for Chocolate by Esquivel the main protagonist Tita faces many challenges in life. A narration by Esperanza, Tita’s granddaughter starts every chapter with a recipe. The recipes may seem like just a tradition being recorded but, they actually correlate with the emotions and challenges Tita faces in the chapter. Food is also used as a recurring motif with symbolic meaning for the story to come.
Tita has the extraordinary power to place her emotions into the food she cooks. Passion also is infused into the food and can be seen as the affects come onto Gertrudis. Gertrudis begins to feel the fire burn within her
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As a small child she was practically raised by Nacha while Mama Elena was just an authority figure. Nacha fueled Tita’s passion for cooking which also molded who she grew up to be. Mama Elena ruled with an iron fist and treated Tita like a servant making her do tasks like washing her mother in the bath as well as cooking. Mama even furthered the odd cruelty by prohibiting Tita from marrying as the family tradition says the youngest daughter needs to live a life away from love to serve the mother until death. When she was older, a man named Pedro came into her life but because of tradition Mama Elena had him Marry her older sister, Rosaura. The marriage crippled Tita making her fall ill and have a mental breakdown. A Doctor named John Brown from the United States came to help her get better but only found love. The love they found however may have seemed genuine but, lacked passion causing it to fail. Tita leaves John Brown and goes back to her true love, Pedro. Tita finally lives the life she’s longed for with children, a husband, and her late sister’s daughter Esperanza who was saved from the same life Tita had

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