Like Water For Chocolate Compare And Contrast Essay

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The novel Like Water for Chocolate written by Laura Esquivel is a love story like no other I have read. As soon as I started reading this novel the main characters Tita and her mother, Mama Elena jumped out at me because they share similarities and differences to my Mother Engracia and my grandmother Ignacia who also went by Nacha for short. Engracia like the protagonist in the novel, Tita suffered emotional and verbal abuse from her mother. However, Engracia was different from Tita because she never ran away from her problems, but instead decided to face them even when she was suffering from her mother’s abuse. Nacha and Mama Elena are both not only strict, but cold and emotionless towards their daughters. A major difference between them, however, is that Nacha did not believe in the absurd rule that the youngest could not get married nor have children. Unlike Mama Elena’s family, all of Nacha’s children have been able to find love and get married. Although Engracia, Tita, Nacha, and Mama Elena shared similarities and differences between them their endings were very different from each other.
It was a constant battlefield between Engracia and her mother because, like Tita, nothing she ever did satisfied or met Nacha’s expectations no matter how
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Tita and Engracia both suffer verbal and emotional abuse from their mothers, but Engracia decided to face it and not let her Ignacia’s words get to her while Tita instead decided to run away. Both Nacha and Mama Elena the same strict and cold emotions towards their daughters and expect way too much out of them. However, Nacha did not believe in the old rule that the youngest daughter could not be married nor have children. Engracia forgave her mother when she passed away, and did not hold any anger towards her, but respect because of all the life lessons she was able to learn which only made her

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