Like Water For Chocolate Mama Elena Character Analysis

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The love between a mother and daughter is very important to the mother and daughter. It can be shown in many different ways, including tough love but how far is too far? Like Water for Chocolate is about the De la Garza family. The narrator is Tita's great- niece. She tells the story of Tita’s forbidden love with Pedro who marries her older sister Rosaura and other important details of Tita’s life. Throughout the book Tita suffers from the abuse of Mama Elena. She also endures the problems with love and family traditions. Mama Elena’s treatment of Tita is not out of love, because she doesn’t show Tita any affection, she is always degrading Tita, and doesn’t take her feelings into consideration at all. The first reason Mama Elena's actions were not coming from good intentions is because she showed her no affection that a loving and caring mother would do. When Tita was seen crying by Mama Elena, she does not comfort her. Tita was upset that she had to prepare the wedding for her sister and the man she loved. Her mom thought of her as ruining Rosaura wedding and did not stand for it. The narrator says “Mama Elena read the look on her face and flew into a rage, giving Tita a tremendous slap that left her rolling in the dirt. ” (27). This quote shows that Mama Elena could care less about showing love to Tita because she did not ask her …show more content…
Mama Elena showed no form of affection towards Tita thoughout the book, even when she was seen crying. When it came to how Tita was as a person, Mama Elena was always defiling Titas self esteem and wasn’t sympathetic to how she felt about decisions in her own life. As far as one’s concerned, Mama Elena was not a great mother. She was more of the evil stepmother in Cinderella. Imagine living with someone who you call a “mother” who makes you feel like less of a human. Like Tita, one would feel like their at fault for their mothers immoral and malicious

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