Sarah Zagorac Character Analysis

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Oh That Sarah

Sarah Zagorac is just your normal below average young adult. Sarah is a naive girl with no friends, and no future. State Farm khakis are brighter than her future. At the end of senior year at William Harrison High School, her yearbook quote was, “When’s this due ?” “Stefen, I love you.” Vampire Diaries, “The Turning Point.” As Sarah watches this show intensely, with the lights off, she hears a thunderous bang. Sarah is home alone, so most people would go and check it out, but she is not in any way intelligent, so she doesn’t. Then another bang, she ignores it,“Stefan, why do I look like her!” Vampire Diaries, “Bloodlines.” Sarah is now crying, because her favorite television couple are having a fight, Stefan Salvatore
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She is not big or anything, she just doesn’t fit inside the back of Travis’ car. An hour later, Travis is still trying to put Sarah in the trunk. Sarah wakes up, Travis then asks if Sarah would go in the trunk. She happily agrees and states, “ Oh, this is going to be so much fun.” She also decided to sing a song about herself in third person, “ Sarah, who, that’s Sarah, going in the trunk.” She get’s in the trunk and then Travis drives away. While Travis is driving in the street, (almost to his destination) Sarah decides to press the button that opens the trunk from the inside because she couldn’t breathe. She falls out of the car and suddenly Travis stops the car because they hit the destination. Mr.Pickle opens the trunk to find that it was empty. Pickle then hears Sarah’s moaning and goes to pick her up. “Well, you aren’t the sharpest crayon in the box, are you?”says Travis. “ I don’t know what that means.” groans Sarah. Travis sighs and takes her to his house.

Travis Pickle then asks for Sarah’s phone. “I don’t know, maybe it is
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“Hello, my name is Nancy Zagorac. Do you have my daughter Sarah?” Nancy said with a smile. “ I don’t know do you have my one million dollars?” Travis said with a cold voice. She held up a briefcase in front of his face. “ Can I have my daughter ?” “ Can I have my money?” Travis says with a kick to his voice. “ I don’t know, can you.” says Nancy. Travis walks in the house and murmurs, “ Come on, this lady is annoying too.” Travis comes back with a dangling Sarah that is laughing her head off from being thrown over Travis’ shoulder. Nancy takes the laughing Sarah and carries her over to her car. “ Ughm, don’t you have something for me.” says Mr.Pickle. Nancy smiles and gives Travis the briefcase. Nancy gets in the car and drives away. Travis goes inside and opens the briefcase, he finds few rocks and nothing

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