Bend It Like Beckham

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  • Bend It Like Beckham

    traditions from generation to generation, so that a continuous lineage develops that hold the homogeneous characteristics of the society. However, for Jess Bhamra, a teenage Indian girl, she develops an interest for football that is contrary to the role that her family and community want her to become. In the film, ‘Bend it Like Beckham,’ directed by Gurinder Chadha, Jess is confronted with the external conflict of upsetting her strict and traditional Indian parents while engaging in her desire to play football that highlights that one’s turmoil caused by an ambition that is considered unorthodox and dishonorable by a certain…

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  • Bend It Like Beckham Analysis

    Bend it like Beckham is about football, race, gender, and culture. The sport has different definitions – it can be a voluntary participation (fun), intrinsic reward important, physical skill and exertion. As discussed in the first lecture, sport provides a pleasurable experience to so many people. Sport can be a source of tension but at the same time, it brings people together from different cultures, ethnicities and countries. It is an inspiration to many people in our society today. I will be…

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  • Examples Of Obstacles In Bend It Like Beckham

    Have you ever had a dream that you would play professional soccer? Well in the movie Bend it Like Beckham by Gurinder Chadha the main character in the movie Jasminder Bhamra had a dream to play with David Beckham, a professional soccer player. But in her hero's journey she had to go through a lot of obstacles to get there. In the movie, Jess has to overcome a series of obstacles. Jess has a passion for soccer, but her mother disagrees with her playing soccer because her mother thinks she is…

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  • Bend It Like Beckham Culture

    Gurinder Chadha directs the 2002 film Bend It Like Beckham. Chadha presents culture through her cinematography to enhance the fact that Jess is caught between her passion for soccer and the traditionalism of her culture and the predicaments she faces trying to get her traditional Indian parents to accept her life long dream to become a professional soccer player. Jess, being trapped between her desire for soccer and the traditionalism of her Indian culture is shown through many techniques…

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  • Conflict In Bend It Like Beckham

    causes conflict. Sometimes, these struggles are not so big, but it is still a conflict. A conflict is when things do not go well or together and it causes some type of problem. In, “Bend it Like Beckham” Jules and her mother have many collisions about why Jules is not so girly and is more like a “tomboy” In one of the first scenes, Jules and her mom are shopping for underclothing. Jules mom wants to buy her an inflatable bra so her breasts can look more ample. She shows it to her and Jules…

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  • Functionalism In Bend It Like Beckham

    The film I chose was “Bend It Like Beckham” directed by Gurindere Chadha. The film follows a Indian family who lives in London, while her parents try to raise their soccer-playing daughter in a traditional way. Unlike they did with their tarty elder sister Pinky, who is preparing for an Indian wedding and a lifetime. Instead, Jess’ has other plans and its to live out her dream playing soccer professionally like her hero David Beckham. Wholeheartedly against Jess ' ambition, her parents…

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  • Bend Like Beckham Essay

    Parents influence their children's perspective on others and the world by controlling and making decisions for them. In the movie “Bend Like Beckham by Gurinder Chadha, Mr. Bhamra states “When i was a teenager in Nairobi, I was the best fast bowler in our school. Our team even won the East African Cup. But to play on any of the teams, and the bloody goras in their clubhouses made fun of my turban and sent me off packing!” This movie shows that her parents want her to be a proper woman to their…

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  • Analysis Of Bend It Like Beckham

    The film, Bend it Like Beckham, follows two eighteen year old girls that dream of becoming professional soccer players. The movie not only focuses on soccer but also on how much her family influenced the decisions she took. Not only this but also how the traditions of her culture took over her love and passion for soccer. This is a full-shot and eye-level shot of Jess’ relatives, who match dissolve the soccer players who were originally there. The fact that they are in front of the penalty…

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  • Gender Roles In Bend It Like Beckham

    In the movie Bend it like Beckham the traditional Indian family is portrayed through a young woman by the name of Jesminder aka 'Jess '. Jess is trying to please her family and her culture while pursuing a soccer career. Within the Indian culture there are expectations for tradition/religion, gender and growing up/friendship. Jess’s character breaks all these norms. Jess essentially plays two roles. For her family she has to be “the perfect” Indian daughter and for her social life she breaks…

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  • Bend It Like Beckham Cultural Analysis

    Bending the Culture: Hybridization of Punjabi Ethos in Gurinder Chadha’s Bend it Like Beckham “Sometimes we feel we straddle two cultures; at other times, that we fall between two stools.” - Salman Rushdie ‘Diaspora is the term used to describe any population which is considered deterritorialized, dislocated and disintegrated fostering feels of ‘unbelongingness’ and ‘dispossession’. The…

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