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  • Decoding Media And Social Position Analysis

    In the chapter “Decoding Media and Social Position”, David Croteau and William Hoynes discuss the interpretation of mass media. They also try to explain the correlation that mass media has to social positions that individuals are given. According to them, it is no longer plausible to decode media based on the message given in its content. In modern society, it is now required for researchers to look at the multiple interpretations that are given with a certain example of mass media. The writers look to sociologist David Morley for answers as to where these multiple interpretations originate from. Morley used the television program “Nationwide” for his study on the decoding model of communication. By interviewing people of various backgrounds, he was able to deduce that meaning-making and social statuses were connected. However, he concluded that using social status alone is not able to decide how people interpret messages in mass media. Still, Morley’s study was used as a stepping stone to more studies concerning the interpretations of mass media. One of these studies was Women Watching Television by Andrea Press. In this study, Press interviewed working-class women and middle-class women, and she asked them questions that would give…

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  • Social Position Influence Social Status

    A given position (for example, the occupation of priest) may belong to many individuals. Social position influences social status.” (American Sociological association). Positions in society play a ginormous role in the way the society works. You have many different roles involved. You have your priest as they used as an example, there are teachers, law makers, law enforcers, and many others that are elements in the web of society. There are more than just occupational positions, there is a…

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  • Functionalism In Bend It Like Beckham

    represented twice in the film. Just like when her sister Pinky finds out the she has been sneaking out not to see boys, but to play in soccer games instead. She understands her sister so she helps her out by lying to their parents by saying that they are going to sleep over a cousins house when in reality Jess will be out playing a tournament out in Germany. Another example, is when Tony offers to marry Jess so that she could go off to the United States to keep on playing soccer. This shows…

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  • Steve Jobs: Social Strain Theory: Position As Innovator

    Part l: Introduction When most people hear the name Steve Jobs, they immediately think of the company, Apple. Yet, not many people know what other statuses Jobs had attained throughout his lifetime. Jobs, after being kicked out of his own company, founded a separate hardware/software company, NeXT Inc., bought Pixar from George Lucas, and became the largest stockholder of Disney. However all of these accomplishments would not have been possible if Steve did not deviate from societal norms.…

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  • Analysis: Steve Jobs

    the company would still be ran ultimately by the employees there. Although he will still be the leader of Apple, socialists will say that his salary will be proportionate to his inputs for the company. While Apple continues to mass-produce these products the citizens want, in a planned social economy, the government will overall decide how much these products are worth in recognition to their demand. This will all lead back to…

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  • Aboriginal People In Canada

    the policies and laws, regarding the reserve lands; they had no power. This indicates that the indigenous people are not provided with positions of authority. Moreover, the Aboriginal people in Canada are not provided with enough income and wealth. This is due to low rates of educational attainment because of the extreme poverty that they suffer from; this whole poverty crisis is caused by the funding inequalities that they face. Lastly, the indigenous people are not provided with the social…

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  • John Rawls Social Justice Essay

    more when there exists mutual cooperation among each other within a just society than they would if they were to only look after and provide for themselves. Assuming that a society’s moral standards are just, one can infer that the social collaboration within a community seeks to establish what is good (e.g. happiness, success) amongst ALL their members equally. This is typically accomplished through the creation and regulation of the basic structure of a society, which is subject to social…

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  • Analysis Of John Rawls 'Justice As Fairness: A Restatement'

    John Rawls in his book Justice as Fairness: A Restatement (2001) characterizes how idealized reasoners, reason in order to validate the two “principles of justice” (42) in a “basic structure” (10) leading to a “well-ordered society” (8). The idealized reasoners do some kind of calculation. With the “original position” (14) and the “veil of ignorance” (15) idealized reasoners can understand the “difference principle” (61). This is an important element of creating a well-ordered society. Mills…

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  • John Rawls's Theory Of Distributive Justice

    A social contract must be created while those in the society are in what is well known as the original position. The original position declares that principles centered on the concept of justice are only valid if all member of the society agree on them free from outside influences. Rawls also introduces the concept of the veil of ignorance, which is also required for these principles to be just. The veil of ignorance is the idea that those deciding on the principle would be ignorant of both…

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  • Rawls Justice Theory

    His proposed thought experiment encourages the reader to disrespect all natural and societal endowments and see oneself as an output of an undeserved interplay of coincidences. In his line of reasoning, one cannot simply reap the fruits of their initial position in society and its repercussions, without realizing that everything they consider set and given is shaped by continuous change/evolution and can…

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