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  • Entertainment In The Elizabethan Era

    “ I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” (Oscar Wilde) Many people, much like Oscar Wilde, share the love of theatre. Theatre, or other play like performances, have been around since the beginning of time. They first evolved from simple storytelling, to huge productions, much like the Broadway Theatre. This form of entertainment first gain traction in popularity, in the Elizabethan era. Drama had hit its peak when the first public theatres were built in England and became a popular form of entertainment for both upper and lower classes. Most public theatres were often the ever notorious, amphitheatre. An amphitheatre could hold up to three thousand people. Most of the commoners sat or stood, depending on available seating, in the area called the “pit” and the noble sat in balconies above the pit. They had the luxury of cushioned chairs, whereas the lower class had limited seating on wooden benches and were often left with standing room only. Actors performed on a raised stage at the end of the pit. Lower class people usually paid one penny to sit or stand to watch the performance on ground level, in comparison to their opposites who could have paid up to five pennies to sit in the balconies. Although theatre was the most preferred for both classes of Elizabethans, both sets of classes enjoy different forms of entertainments. Elizabethan nobles…

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  • Shoreditch Research Paper

    Unlike a lot of other neighbourhoods in London, Shoreditch always seems to divide opinion. With some people loving the vibe, culture and area, while others… not so much! Shoreditch is an area of London that always surprises me, the area changes at such a fast pace! One day there is some secret underground supper-club and by the next day it has been transformed into a circus themed dentist surgery, being entertained by lion tamers while getting your teeth checked… :-) … Okay, so a slight…

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  • Silicon Roundabout And Tech City Analysis

    Montcalm hotels last year. It puzzled and baffled people at the same time. The question as how this tech metropolitan suddenly showed up on the map left people to search for answers. A business exhibition held at Montcalm hotels came up with the true picture. Insider London that provides a unique proposition of introducing a new side to the old city of London did the work. It was an eye-opener and of course nobody would have thought of it the similar way. It just opened up how Shoreditch area…

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  • Jack The Ripper Compare And Contrast

    their abdomen open and take body parts for a “keep sake”. The two men who were considered Jack the Ripper were Dr. Cream and Frances Craig. Jack the Ripper made many murders that no one could ever solve. Some people say that Jack was one person or state certain people but later proven that they did not do it. Both of the men had a strong hatred for prostitutes. Both men worked together to kill the women. Jack was never caught doing the murders. They killed five female prostitutes and killed…

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  • 1984 George Orwell Analysis

    dust, and the paperweight with the coral Winston buys. These three symbols change in their own ways throughout the story and further progress the story's plot, characters, and its theme of avoiding a rigidly controlled society where hope is always destroyed. Oranges and Lemons, the poem Winston finds himself consumed by, represents firstly the past and Winston's way to relate to people, then changes into Winston's demise. The poem helps to delevop plot parts, character traits, and the main…

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  • The Importance Of Hotels In London

    It is unique even in its design because it is spread across five Victorian townhouses with rooms that are meant to make you feel like you are in the room of a friend who has a flair for stylish décor. It has been listed in “London 's Hottest New Hotels for 2015” in the Telegraph. Its 51 guest rooms blend an eclectic mixture of modern furniture and antiques. The lobby is home to a bar, coffee shop, library and gallery, and it has the feel of a meeting place rather than a formal hotel lobby. Z…

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  • How Did William Shakespeare Influence The Arts

    career. It was founded during the reign of Elizabeth I in of England in 1594. The company soon became known as the “King’s Men” in 1603 when King James ascended the throne and they had exclusive rights to Shakespeare’s wondrous plays. The King’s Men helped improve the awareness of Shakespeare’s plays to the world as a public enterprise as they had exclusive rights to perform his plays, some like Romeo & Juliet and the Henry Series. They both gained recognition for their works, The King’s Men for…

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  • Westfield London History

    pressing sheets. Great things come in little bundles, so do Executive Rooms London Kensington. A splendid presentation of a rich mix of stunning and chic styles to show the fancied smooth and panache, Executive Rooms London Kensington is found minutes from Earls Court. Composed with a bespoke consideration to meet the very desires of today's administrators personality a top priority this smooth property offers everything, you'd require inside of prepared achieve, making it culminate for business…

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  • An Analysis Of Francis Meres A Midsummer Night's Dream

    and creativity, which will be further summarised by David Selbourne’s eyewitness commentary. During the Elizabethan era, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, just like other plays, was usually performed in an open-air auditorium that was roofless. Most of the plays were performed on the simple platform that had a wall on the back, which was used for players as an offstage area where they changed. Additionally, this area consisted of exterior doors and a balcony. Theatres in the sixteenth century, were…

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  • Analysis Of Goldsteinism In 1984

    He turned a little sideways in his chair to drink his mug of coffee. At the table on his left the man with the strident voice was still talking remorselessly away. A young woman who was perhaps his secretary, and who was sitting with her back to Winston, was listening to him and seemed to be eagerly agreeing with everything that he said. From time to time Winston caught some such remark as 'I think you're so right, I do so agree with you', uttered in a youthful and rather silly feminine voice.…

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