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    Flattery and praise is given so freely that it may go unnoticed, when it crosses our lips or flows into our ears. But whenever you need someone to give you some motivation, to give you praise. Than it always seems that there is nobody around to lend you a helping and kind word. What would you do if you were on your own with depleting motivation? Everyone needs and deserves a little flattery and praise every once in awhile. Hearing praise about something you feel accomplished with and proud of, is like giving someone a gold medal for putting on their shoes. It should be done without thought to those around us. Many situations come up in your day, where your input is asked for, and given without you even realizing that you are praising others. Such situations come up without us paying attention to them, but our praise is always welcome to the people receiving your input. When you walk by a street artist who is painting on an easel on the sidewalk, and you place a dollar in their basket, you have just given them praise for their work without even realizing it. That artist will take your contribution as a praise to their good artwork. Situations like this happen daily, without people realizing their giving praise, whether intentional or not, has been taken to heart in another's life. Praise is something that is necessary for us to gain confidence in yourself, and in others. Confidence is a powerful thing to possess, it can give you the courage to do the things you have never done…

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