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  • Atrium Fire Case Study

    between the fire floor and atmospheric pressure is larger than at the lower place of the vents. At the bottom of the vents, the pressure difference becomes negative to that at the top. So there should be neutral pressure plane or zero-velocity plane α and β at the two vents respectively. At the early stage, the pressure, temperature & density of the air in the atrium (Pa, Ta, ρa) are almost the same with those outside (P0, T0, ρ0), so the flow at the two vents are almost the same. Plane α and β are almost at the same vertical position. At vent WA, along with the smoke flowing into the atrium, high temperature smoke in the atrium being more and more and flows up to the ceiling of the atrium, the air in the atrium reduces due to the entrainment by the rising plume and supplying to the 1st floor, and atrium pressure Pa decreases, too. It results that the volume of air entering the fire floor from the atrium is decreases, the amount of smoke entering the atrium is more and the vertical position of plane α decreases till it reaches the sill of WA. At vent WB, the ambient temperature and pressure (P0, T0) will be the same value during the fire, so WB flow is mainly depend on WA flow. The amount of air which is flowing in the fire floor through WB will increase if the amount of smoke which is flowing in the atrium through WA increases because of continuity of flow, and decreasing of the outflow of smoke at WB. The β vertical position will rise till the bottom of WB. When α and…

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  • Music Education

    Functional MRI studies have shown that musical training increases brain responses in an auditory–motor synchronization network. In three magnetoencephalography (MEG) experiments by Keith B. Doelling and David Poeppel of New York University, nonmusicians and musicians with varying experience levels were played music at various tempos to map brain activity. The MEG records magnetic fields that are produced by naturally occurring electrical currents in the brain. The MEG readings from nonmusicians…

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  • Concrete Mix Calculation

    temperature. The next fresh property recorded was the unit weight. There was not enough concrete left after forming cylinders to measure unit weight, but if there was if would be done in the following manner. The metal container used for the air entrainment testing was used for the unit weight. Concrete was placed in the measure with proper packing protocol (fill one third the way, tap twenty five times, repeat) and excess concrete was stuck of the top. A weight measurement was then taken. This…

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  • Mobile Phone Usage In The United States

    groups. 662 mobile phone users aged 18-68 responded to the survey. The participants in the study felt text messaging is more appropriate than calling in all situations, expect for driving. Men generally believe that calling is more approiate than women, and there were no age differences in the belief of appropriateness of calling in the variety of settings. The younger group in the study believed that text messaging was a more appropriate method of cell phone use. Wei (2008) sought to gain more…

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  • Concrete Lab Report

    On March 1st, 2016, the CEE 3030 Construction Materials class mixed concrete with varying water cement ratios and created three, 3” diameter by 6” high cylinders and three, 6” diameter by 12” high cylinders. The cylinders were cast according to the ASTM C31 standard. The class was divided into sections, then the sections were divided into teams. The sections mirrored each other, and teams created concrete with 0.40, 0.44, 0.48, and 0.52 water cement ratio. Over the next 28 days the cylinders…

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  • Aerofoil Essay

    PDMS-covered airfoils subjected to flow velocities of Re ¼ 1.54 104 and Re ¼ 4.62 104. In all systems, the contours are nearly symmetric with respect to the wake centerline (y ¼ 0). For the case of Re ¼ 1.54 104, at which the drag reduction induced by MRF attachment is maximum, the length of the vortex formation region behind the MRF-covered airfoil is shorter and the wake width is slightly longer, compared with the flow around the smooth airfoil. The end of the vortex formation region is…

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  • Media's Portrayal Of Teen Suicide In Popular Media

    highlight that in 1774, Goethe published Sorrows of Young Werther, in which the hero of the novel shoots himself because he was unable to attain the woman that he fell in love with. This widely read romantic novel had a great impact, especially in Europe. Pirkis and Blood (2001) notes that an increase in suicides in European countries led many to believe that the book had a direct effect and was thus banned. Similarly, Gould (2001) argues that studies of fictional stories on suicide have…

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  • Filipino Identity Essay

    has also been depicted as precisely cultural.” The way Filipinos identify themselves is attributed may vary due to the conflicting ideologies. Without a community, there would be no conflict and discussion about the classification of Filipino identity. In addition, Historic Filipino-town have established councils and organizations to host events that display Filipino culture. The immigrants of Philippines and those born in America can collectively enjoy their heritage together and promote…

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  • African American Tap Dance

    What was the Harlem Renaissance and how did it effect the development of tap dance? The Harlem Renaissance is rebirth African American. At that time, African American had a very difficult time in their life but this dance is changing their life, hope, and future. This dance is start from very simple. People are wearing soft shoe and swinging their body and step on and push down their feet on the floor. This is the simple way to perform for the people entrainment. Suddenly, the Hollywood put…

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  • Class Ideology Vs Monopoly Analysis

    Competition is a factor, but I believe this certain factor is easier to over turn than ruling class ideology. Since ruling class ideology is usually spread through news, entrainment, and education without our knowledge it’s hard to prevent it from happening. Most people believe what news stations tell them without even double-checking the information that is given to them. Watching certain shows, listening to the radio, reading the news or watching political news stations with the same rhetoric…

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