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  • Creative Writing: The Waterslide

    The Waterslide Linde Kramer My heart was pounding as I raced down the snake-like waterslide. I plunged into the icy water. The line was getting shorter. If I hurried, I could go again and not have to wait very long! A little boy wildly shot out of the slide. He surfaced, gasping for breath. Wow, I didn't know that supposedly innocent waterslide could be so intense for young children! I looked up at the Florida sun. I felt like I was trapped inside an oven whenever I was out of the water. A slow summer breeze made the palm trees softly sway back and forth. I could barely stand. The concrete was practically burning my feet. I glanced at the lifeguard as I was waiting in line. He was not paying attention whatsoever. Instead, he was chatting on…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Jamestown North Dakota

    after it calmed down we ate lunch at pizza hut. Then we just drove the rest of the way to my house after stopping at a gas station in Cambridge to use the bathroom all because of my sister and I got a pop and chips while we were there. Then when we got home we unloaded everything from the cars I had to carry most of the bags to our table in our kitchen. Jamestown, a town this is in the middle of nowhere it's like north branch in size anyway, but this town has more churches and other thing…

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  • Lap Pool Narrative

    standard procedure has been instilled in all employees, making it a habit. And when the green clock on the microwave changes to 2:27, I slowly make my over to my first stand at the smaller lap pool. Of the two pools, the leisure pool always seem to be more busy than the lap pool most likely due to the fact that it has two water slides, a current, and water features. My mind then goes through all of the information on the City of Overland Park website that every guard has to know. “This heated…

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  • Essay On Trampoline

    For most of us, bouncing is fun! No wonder there are plenty of trampolines everywhere. From our backyards to indoor gyms, to playgrounds, trampolines were being promoted as an efficient form of exercise for children and even adults. Likewise, trampolines are great for engaging everyone in the family in a fun activity. However, frequent use, extreme weather conditions, liquid and chemical spillage and other physical elements contribute to the fast wear and tear of trampolines. Once you see…

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  • Outside Learning Environment In UWA Campus Schools

    made a set of guidelines for pre-k programs specifically for the outside environment that are based of NAEYC and DHR safety standards. The first standard under section A of the gross motor and put door play section states the play equipment should be age and developmentally appropriate. Indeed, all of the play equipment is age and developmentally appropriate. From the merry-go-rounds to the slides, the students are able to engage and play in a safe way. Next, the guidelines demand the…

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  • Playground Negotiation Case

    The Playground Negotiation is a true to life case that takes place in Ithaca, New York. There are two officials, one from the volunteer involvement and the other in support of the Parks and Recreation Department both groups make up the Ithaca Special Projects Task Force. They have both been elected to decide on whether to fund a playground for the neighborhood. Whether they decide to build a playground or not, this task force is responsible of whether to fund the playground or choose a later…

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  • Padan Park Research Paper

    children will find an area to perform activities. In fact, it is through these activities, the child is learning different skills and these skills would be accompanied with structural changes in the brain (Leversen, Haga, & Sigmundsson, 2012). The activities range from developmentally challenged children under the age of two and mature activities that require higher motor skills and coordination. Types of Equipment Children can play at Padan Park on a myriad of equipment ranging from simple…

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  • Daycare Observation

    room once again and they have Free play time until their parents arrive. Dismissal is from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. The Centre closes at around 6:30 pm The Outdoor Environment There are two areas in the backyard: the water area and the playground. The water area was closed therefore I wasn 't able to see what was in this area. The playground however was very big. It had a few tables around the area. There was also a bicycle path where the children could ride their bicycles and also run around with a…

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  • Edwardsville Case Study

    “It will be funded one way or another, but anytime we have support from the community it’s going to help us achieve other projects,” Grable said. The park, which will be named after longtime resident and alderman Leon Corlew, will feature a wet play area – called a splash pad – and a dry playground. “Our splash pad is the main feature of that park, even though it will only be open during the warm months,” Grable said. “It’s something that’s unique to our community.” The splash pad will feature…

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  • Short Summary: Belrose And The Rainforest

    families in one of the lush parks or playgrounds. Local retirees love this pristine little paradise where they can relax, enjoy retirement, play golf, and watch the local children play and grow up. It’s not unusual to see the residents of Belrose at one of the two shopping centres or at the beach, especially on the weekends. Belrose Profile While Belrose is primarily a residential Northern Beaches suburb of Sydney, it does have two rather nice shopping centres, where the locals and visitors eat,…

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